The Ingenious Knot-A-Hitch Gives Man’s Best Friend a Whole Lot More Room

Knot a Hitch

Ruffwear uses common sense to solve a difficult problem.

Any dog-owner can admit that keeping a dog in a specific area without feeling like a monster is quite a tough task. Tying a leash around a lamppost or a tree isn’t a really great idea, because it means that the pooch has very limited movement space.

Ruffwear has designed a clever workaround for that conundrum, though, and everyone with a four-legged friend might benefit from having one of these around. Or at least, those who travel with their dogs often will definitely see the use. It was designed primarily for campsites where people would keep their dogs, making better movement range possible so that dogs will be comfortable for longer.

It works relatively simply: you create a rope line between two planted objects (most likely trees) and you attach a lead to that line that attaches to a dog’s collar, which gives it the increased range to walk around in. Here’s a video that illustrates how it works:

So the next time you worry about taking your pup along to an outdoor area for an extended period, consider the Knot-A-Hitch your go-to solution to keep them safe from wandering too far, while also letting the furry friend move around enough so they’re not confined uncomfortably!

Source: Hiconsumption

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