The Great Escape: 5 Luxury Hideaways

Read on to find out 5 of the most beautiful and exclusive resorts on the planet

Across the globe, there are a number of exclusive and ultra luxurious destinations and resorts for anyone wanting to relax and unwind in style. Whether it is Royal Mansour in Morocco, or on the beach with cocktails in the Maldives, there is somewhere for any and everyone to enjoy.

If you are wanting to relax like the rich and famous do, here are 5 of the best luxury getaway spots that should make it onto your travel list right now.

Ashford Castle

If beaches aren’t your thing, a castle definitely will be. Ashford Castle, in Ireland, was first built in 1228, but only became the hotel that guests enjoy today in 1939. Even though the hotel is a few hundred years old, you won’t be living like you’re in the 1300’s.

The hotel has a cinema, a cigar lounge, a billiard room and wine cellars, on top of the 82 ultra-luxurious rooms that are on offer for guests to choose from. If you don’t think a castle like this is a holiday destination for the rich and famous, the photos of celebrities who line the walls of the hotel who have stayed there will change your mind.

King George V, Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the future Queen Mary, Earl of Wessex and Prince Edward are just some of the royals who have stayed at the castle. John Lennon, George Harrison, John Wayne, Robin Williams and Brad Pitt are a few of the celebrities who have called the castle home for a little while.

The Nautilus

Nautilus is the definition of simple luxury. Located in the beautiful Maldives, the resort is a collection of 26 bungalows that are either situated on the beach, or branch off a walkway that stands over the water.

Each bungalow comes with its own private swimming pool, a separate living quarters and each bungalow is serviced by a butler that will tend to all your needs. What separates Nautilus from other resorts is the bespoke nature of it.

You can stay at the resort but have your own unique holiday. Champagne in bed, swimming with manta rays, massages, breakfast in bed, all of it, and more is possible.

Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort

Qasr al Sarab is one of the most unique hotels on this list. Found in the middle of the Liwa desert in the UAE, it is an idyllic oasis set to the backdrop of the red dunes. The castle-style hotel is fitted with a spa, gym and outdoor pool.

Each room has a sliding door to take in the incredible views, there is grass and trees and add a tropical feel you can’t get anywhere else. There are also tons of activities for couples or the whole family to enjoy.

The resort has 140 rooms, 14 suites, and 52 pool villas. There is also free WiFi across the entire 190,000 acre resort.

Time + Tide Miavana

Located off the coast of Madagascar, Time + Tide is possibly the remotest luxury resort on this list. Surrounded by spectacular white, sandy beaches and glorious coral reefs, Miavana is the epitome of private, intimate luxury.

The island resort provides boat and helicopter transfers to make it to the mainland for activities, but each of the 14 villas dotted along the beach each have their own pool and will let guests live in an absolute lap of luxury.

A butler service is included in your stay, as well as snorkeling, boat rides, multiple activities on the island and mainland as well as multiple other features. There is also a massive mansion that can house up to 44 guests if you really feel like splurging.

North Island

North Island in the Seychelles is probably the most exclusive resort on this list. The resort comprises only 11 huge villas, kitted out with absolutely everything you could possibly need, all in a resort that has their villas all along the beach, right next to the water.

Each villa gives guests all the privacy that they need, as well as ample space and amenities. Each villa feels like a hotel on its own, with multiple, huge bedrooms and living rooms, and being able to step out and onto the beach right from your doorstep.

While 10 of the villas are found on the beach, Villa North Island is the most exclusive villa, found nestled in the rocks at the far end of East Beach far from everyone else. The 7000 square foot villa is easily one of the most private and exclusive villas on the planet.

There are multiple incredibly exclusive resorts across the planet. Some are accessible to everybody, as they actually suit multiple budgets, however, there are definitely some that are for the select view.

Whether it is a villa with your own piece of beach outside your front door, or a villa with your own butler, floating above the blue ocean, some of the resorts on this list were most definitely built to give the rich and famous the best experience possible. Either way, if you can, add one of these resorts to your bucket list right away.

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