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SAB Launches Tips on Tap Campaign to Give Back for Every Beer

Cheers to the weekend!



If you’re planning on sinking some beers this Workers’ Day weekend (responsibly, of course), there’s some good news: you can enjoy your favourite golden nectar while also giving back to a worthy cause: the people who’ll be working to make everyone’s day: SA’s bar staff.

SAB has launched the Tips on Tap campaign, which will see SAB tip the bar staff R5 for every 500ml Castle Lite draught purchased at participating venues.

The campaign is running from Friday 29 April to Monday 2 May, and you can find the closest participating venue here, or check out the full list here.

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South African Whisky ‘Toor’ Launched

Introducing the first whisky of a collective from Redford Beverages and Doña Distillery.



Whisky lovers rejoice, there’s a new style of whisky coming your way, and it has a distinctly South African flavour. With its warm, amber hue, Toor, a new entrant onto the South African whisky scene, has released the first of a collective of whiskies set to challenge the whisky category in South Africa.

The adventurous new spirit is the result of a clever collaboration between South Africa’s Redford Beverages and Doña Distillery. Produced with 100% local grain and matured in ex-bourbon American oak casks for 5 years before being finished in French oak casks, the first Toor whisky is an easy-drinking, smooth and fruity grain whisky.

Its double maturation process yields a rich, smooth whisky with vanilla and roasted oak flavours. a well-balanced nutty, caramel and stone-fruit palate with a well-refined finish and hints of maple and earth.

It can only be called a South African kind of magic.

Doña – which means woman of rank – is a craft distillery in Cape Town run by female distiller, Daniella Schoeman, who has also recently started distilling and ageing her own grain whisky. For this release, the team from the distillery and Redford Beverages managed the sourcing, blending and ageing to deliver the taste profile they were aiming for.

Danielle explains the distilling process for Toor, “The double maturation process is where the spirit is matured in one cask, then spends time in a case of a different origin. It allows for a greater degree of flavour and aroma complexity to develop in the whisky and the blending process is also significantly escalated. This form of marrying also allows for greater control over the final product.”

Graduating from Stellenbosch University with a business degree, Danielle worked in the corporate world for 6 years. She traded in her heels for tekkies and followed her heart to the Karoo where she experimented with making tequila. This journey led her to establish Doña Distillery with the aim to bring new and exciting spirits to the local and international market.

When asked what the perfect Toor serve is, Danielle and the team agree: “It’s simply the one you enjoy best: neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail, with a mixer, or with a splash of water. Either way, you cannot go wrong.”

Toor is exploring and experimenting with various barrel and non-traditional South African wood options including the likes of pinotage, rum and other barrels for further releases in the Toor Collective which will follow later this year and as more liquid matures over the coming years.

First impressions

After having the opportunity to try this exciting new South African whisky it’s clear that Toor will take the South African drinks market by storm. The first offering from the brand is easy-drinking, smooth, and delicious, making it ideal to drink in a cocktail, mixed with ginger ale, or neat, on the rocks. It’s a brilliant whisky for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the world of whisky and is ideal as a gateway whisky for newcomers while still being smooth and complex enough to delight seasoned whisky lovers alike.

Toor is available at a RRP of R299.99. For more information visit the website or follow Toor on Instagram.

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Sugar-Free, Low-Calorie Energy Drink Bang Energy Launches in SA

Us energy drink, Bang is now available in South Africa.



Looking for a great-tasting, sugar-free energy drink to give you a boost when you’ve hit an energy slump? Bang Energy, the third-largest energy drink in the US, is now available in South Africa, and the range is sure to appeal to those who carefully consider their sugar and calorie intake.

The delicious-tasting, carbonated energy drinks are sugar-free and contain zero calories, carbohydrates, or artificial colourants. The range offers three flavours with each Bang drink containing 160mg of caffeine per 500-millilitre serving – equivalent to approximately 1.5 cups of coffee. The drinks are also enriched with B-vitamins for an added natural energy boost.

Distributed by SG Gateway Services, Bang Energy is looking to bring an alternative energy drink option to the current sugar-laden energy category in South Africa. By introducing sugar-free ‘performance energy’ along with delicious new flavour profiles, the brand is sure to appeal to those who love energy drinks but are trying to cut back on their sugar intake. The energy drink is ideal for health and fitness enthusiasts, athletes, gamers, extreme sports lovers, healthcare workers and more.

Bang’s initial South Africa launch features the Star Blast, Frosé Rosé, and Rainbow Unicorn variants, which are now available from leading retail stores across the country.

Says Nicole Lee Irwin, National Key Account Manager at SG Gateway Services, “We are delighted to launch this epic brand in South Africa. Bang has pioneered the performance energy segment and attracted the next generation of energy drink consumers. We are confident that Bang will be a welcome disruption to the energy category in the country, delivering great-tasting drinks in striking packaging and giving consumers a superior and ‘cleaner’ energy alternative”.

For more information, please visit the Bang South Africa website.

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6 Must-Try Coffee Products to Suit Every Taste

With so many coffee styles and choices out there, how do you know which one is right for you?



Any coffee lover will tell you that the much-loved brew is so much more than just a drink; it’s personal. Whether it’s soaking up that morning coffee ritual or getting a boost in-between meetings, coffee is interwoven into our daily lives and everyone has their preferences that suit their individual tastes and lifestyle.

But with so many coffee styles and choices out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are our picks for 6 must-try coffee products from the Jacobs Coffee range. Whether you’re a capsule queen or a bean-to-cup gal, there’s something on this list for you!

Jacobs Coffee provides coffee lovers with a variety of offers under its stable and has built up a reputation amongst coffee connoisseurs as a quality product with a premium taste. The brand is known throughout the world as a name consumers can trust.

Founded by Johann Jacobs in Bremen Germany in 1895, he understood the power of a coffee’s aroma, and its ability to awaken the spirit. Mr Jacobs knew that when it came to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, the aroma was as important as any other aspect of the coffee experience. He believed it was the key to unlocking the magic of coffee, and it was his ultimate goal to bring this to the people. This goal remains at the heart of the Jacobs brand, and the promise to its consumers.

The Jacobs range has grown over time, and now includes:

  • Jacobs freeze-dried instant coffee which includes Jacobs Kronung, Jacobs Gold and Jacobs Decaf – providing an option for all tastes. Kronung offers a rich coffee experience to enjoy anytime of the day, while Gold is delicious, smooth and mild.
  • The Jacobs 3-in-1 mix is simplicity at its best. This is the perfect blend of coffee, sugar and creamer all in one sachet.
  • The Jacobs Roast and Ground range will delight your senses with the rich taste and magical aroma. It is available in two variants, Classic and Intense.
  • The Jacobs Barista Beans range offers high-quality roasted Beans with the Jacobs aroma sealed in. Available in two variants – Crema and Espresso – the Barista Beans range is where the perfect cup of coffee starts.
  • Jacobs specialities range offers hot or cold options for every taste. Hot flavours include regular cappuccino, vanilla, reduced sugar, mocha and choc Hazelnut. Iced flavours include original and salted caramel.
  • The Jacobs capsule range is synonymous with the ultimate Jacobs’ taste. Experience the indulgence of an intense lungo or espresso with a thick, fine-pored crema. Compatible with most Nespresso* machines.

Due to the comprehensive range of Jacobs Coffee, today Jacobs is known as a leading coffee brand, and is identified by its enticing aroma.

*Trademark of a third party not related to Jacobs Douwe Egberts ZA (Pty) Ltd. For a full list of compatible machines see
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Okja Launches 200ml Pocket-Sized Oat Milk, Choco & Coffee Drinks

Okja goes mini with their latest range of milk options.



Okja, which has been making a name for itself in South Africa’s milk and alternative milk scene, has launched some new products in its line to make indulging in it a little easier.

The brand has launched its 200ml versions of its Oat M*lk, Choco and Coffee variants, giving you an on-the-go option to grab and enjoy. The 200ml editions are available at Wellness Warehouse, Spar and Takealot. They retail at R19.99 for one or R350 for a box of 24 (only on Takealot).

In addition, the 200ml boxes are compostable, along with a biodegradable straw and sleeve which means no deteriorating plastic and soggy straws.

So, if you’re looking for a smaller option to top up your coffee, or want a refreshing treat in itself, these 200ml boxes could be the perfect option.

You can check out more on Okja on their official website.

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Bavaria Launches Zero-Alcohol IPA & New Pilsner

Bavaria celebrates sober January with the launch of two new 0.0% alcohol beers.



Bavaria Beer is celebrating ‘Sober January’ with the launch of two new products,  Bavaria 0.0% Beer and Bavaria 0.0% IPA, which were recently unveiled in South Africa.

‘Sober or Dry January’ has become a popular tradition that sees many giving up alcohol in the first month of the new year. For some, it’s a New Year’s resolution to drink less, while others find it is a way to detox from the excessive drinking and eating that are common during the festive season. Non-alcoholic beverages have become integral to Sober January as a drink of choice for unwinding at home or socialising responsibly.

Announcing Two New 0.0% Beers from Bavaria

  • For those seeking an uncompromised yet distinct beer taste, the Bavaria 0.0% Beer is a non-alcoholic pilsner boasting a crisp finish. This beer beautifully balances bitter and fruity tones, with a pleasant aftertaste. Because the alcohol is extracted at a very low temperature, it maintains a refreshing, slightly hoppy taste, delivering a real ‘beer’ experience. After months of research and consumer testing, the new Bavaria 0.0% Beer has been rated as tasting the closest in market to an alcoholic beer.
  • The Bavaria 0.0% IPA Beer has four specific aromatic hop varieties sourced from the USA and Australia to give it an inviting hop aroma where tropical fruits and citrus blend together seamlessly. It’s entirely unique as there’s absolutely no alcohol formed during the entire process ensuring this drink is 100% Halal and Kosher Certified.

The new products will be available at major outlets, the Bavaria 0.0 Beer RSP is R84,99  & the IPA RSP is R94,99. Both the 0.0 Beer and IPA have won many awards, including awards in the Dutch Beer Awards.

“We’re thrilled by these two new products that will spearhead our range of 0.0% beers with innovation set for the future. Linked to our brewing expertise, we want to be seen as innovators in the non-alcoholic beer category. We look forward to seeing these quality products soar in the South African Beer Category, and South Africa enjoying non-alcoholic beverages during festive times as well as more mindful times, such as Sober January and during lockdowns,”concludes Oliver Wills, Marketing Lead for Africa, Swinkels.

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