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Manscaped Review: A Grooming Solution That You Should Care About?

Manscaped has launched in SA, but what exactly can you get from the world’s biggest manscaping brand?

Jeremy Proome



Manscaped, the global grooming company that delivers high-quality grooming goods for men, has launched in South Africa; and we got our hands on the Performance Package to find out what exactly you get with the well-renowned grooming goodie box, and why it’s so highly recommended amongst men worldwide.

So, while Manscaped sells a variety of individual items, from creams to accessories, the Performance Package is essentially an all-in-one grooming box that provides users everything they need to get their business in order, so to speak.

The Performance Package includes the brand’s flagship trimmer, known as The Lawn Mower 4.0, along with a handful of other integral items, such as a -cream-based deodorant for your goods (yup, you read right), a reviving toner, some anti-chafe microfiber blend boxers, which fit extremely well and keep your nether region cool and comfortable throughout the day. A new addition is the Weed Whacker, Manscaped first above-waist grooming tool, which is a 360-degree dual-blade nose and ear hair trimmer.

Of course, the real creme-de-la-creme of the package is the Lawn Mower trimmer, which is extremely well-built ergonomically designed and does the job without any hiccups. Let’s get to the brass tax though: we know the real concern with any manscaping is the risk of injury or accidents. Thankfully, the Manscaped trimmer features a safety guard that can give you a super-close shave, without causing any grievous bodily harm — so that concern has been squashed.

The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer also comes with a little dock, which the trimmer can be popped into for quick charging. A small, but appreciated touch, is that the dock, and even the charging cable, has been branded with Manscaped iconic logo. This won’t be a device you ashamedly hide in your basin cupboard, but rather display proudly in your own little grooming area.

As for the other items, the Weed Whacker does its job too, allowing you to pop it into your sniffer with ease, and trim away any unruly hairs which may be trying to escape. It also does the edges of the ears effectively — an area which a lot of men tend to neglect.

The cream-based deodorant (which uses Tapioca starch from Brazil’s native cassava plant) is a great addition too, giving you something to use sparingly ‘down there’, and which features a cooling Aloe Vera sensation, has anti-chafing properties, is quick-absorbing into the skin, and has a subtle spiced scent to it. The process can be further enhanced with the ‘Crop Reviver’ refreshing spray, which also includes Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, and ensures that the area stays fresh and cool throughout the day.

On top of the crucial items for your crucial items, you also get a few other goodies, including ball and body wipes, a spray-on foot deodorant, and a Manscaped shirt, which is surprisingly well-fitted and an awesome little momento from the brand. Manscaped shower gel, which can be used for body and as a shampoo, is a great addition too, giving you a quick and easy answer to spice up your cleaning regime.

All in all, it may seem like something you probably don’t need, and trying to repurpose the old trimmer or scissors you have in your draw may seem like a cheaper and better option, but the quality and comfort you get from Manscaped goods, and the dedicated items for each use, will make you realise that this is a must-have in your grooming arsenal.

The Manscaped Perfect Package box-set is priced at R1,800, and you can check out more on the Manscaped South Africa website.

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