Why You’ll Want To Pick Up Resident Evil Village For PlayStation 5

Resident Evil Village

Here’s why you’ll want to get your hands on the next horrifying entry in Capcom’s long-running franchise.

Resident Evil Village is the newest instalment of the world-famous horror franchise set for release on the PlayStation 5, and it will make full use of the impressive hardware in Sony’s latest and greatest console.

The next generation of the Console Wars is well and truly underway after the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X in November 2020 and the debate about which is the better machine and which has the better hardware will continue to rage for infinity. However, one thing that is beyond dispute is that the PlayStation has always had a better library of exclusive games, and this generation looks like it will be no different.

Immersive enhancements

  • Ray tracing
  • 4K resolution
  • High dynamic range visuals
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech
  • Solid-state storage

Knowing the strength of the Resident Evil branch, Sony proudly announced the latest instalment of the horror game franchise as an exclusive for its PlayStation 5. What that effectively means is a Resident Evil game quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

The game will feature stunning graphics and visceral violence that could only be possible on the hardware included in the PlayStation 5. Players will be caught between the beauty of the visuals and locations while at the same time being terrified of the immersive experience they’re becoming a part of.

On top of that, Resident Evil Village will feature full surround sound with specially created music and hand-crafted sounds to create a truly one of a kind immersive horror game experience. The PlayStation 5 also features a solid-state drive as storage so load times will be virtually nonexistent and ensure players do not lose their immersion.

Resident Evil Franchise

Resident Evil is a horror video game franchise made in Japan, where it is known as Biohazard, which began with its first title in 1996. It was created by Capcom and become so much more than a video game franchise in the 24 years since it began.

In total, there have been 10 Resident Evil video games but, on top of that, there have also been remakes of the first three games in the series. In addition, there are 13 spin-off titles for console and another nine mobile phone games.

However, the most popular of all the games in the series is undoubtedly Resident Evil 6, designed by Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, written by Shotaro Suga, and published in 2012. The game had a pretty rocky launch with some criticism the game moved to far away from the franchise’s roots, but it went on to sell 9.8 million copies to make it one of the most successful ever Resident Evil games. Due to this success, it even has its own official slot game published by Skywind Slots that is featured on some of the best South African online casinos like Casino Gods.

There have been live-action films starring Milla Jovovich, which have grossed over $1-billion worldwide and are credited with being the only video game adaptions to make increasing revenue with each new film released. It also holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Live-Action Film Adaptions of a Video Game.

There have also been animated films, television series, novels, comic books, and, of course, tons and tons of merchandise. But, it is still, and probably always will be, primarily a video game franchise, and gamers that like horror titles just can’t get enough of them.

New Game Details

  • Release date: Summer 2021
  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Players: 1
  • Description: Set a few years after Resident Evil 7, the next instalment of the franchise will see Ethan Winters’ new peaceful life be disrupted by another legendary character from the franchise Chris Redfield.
  • Main characters: Ethan Winters, Chris Redfield.

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