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NBA 2K22: Cheapest Pre-Order Price in SA?

Check out our pre-order price roundup for NBA 2K22!




NBA 2K22 is set to release hit stores on 10 September 2021, but before you excitedly grab the first copy you see, we’ve rounded up the very best prices available to South Africans who can’t wait to dive into another annual edition of 2K’s gold standard of b-ball action.

Firstly, there are two editions: Standard and the 75th Anniversary edition. The Standard edition features the base game, while the 75th Anniversary Edition includes the base game plus a few extras: 100,000 Virtual Currency, MyTEAM packs, digital items for your MyPLAYER, and more.

Where can you buy NBA 2K22 from?

The below prices are for the standard edition of NBA 2K22:

  • Steam – R979 | R1,519
  • Playstation Store (digital) – R1,069.50 | R1,519
  • Koodoo – Xbox Series X/S: R1,099 | PS5: R1,099 | Xbox One: R899 | PS4: R899 | Switch: R899
  • Game4U – Xbox Series X/S: R1,079 | PS5: R1,079 | Xbox One: R930 | PS4: R930 | Switch: R930
  • Pwned Games – Xbox Series X/S: R1,190 | PS5: R1,090 | Xbox One: R990 | PS4: R930 | Switch: R990
  • BT Games – Xbox Series X/S: R1,099 | PS5: R1,099 | Xbox One: R935 | PS4: R935 | Switch: R935
  • ZAPA Gaming – Xbox Series X/S: R1,199.95 | PS5: R1,199.95 | Xbox One: R999.95 | PS4: R999.95
  • Nexus Hub – Xbox Series X/S: R1,180 | PS5: R1,180 | Xbox One: R985 | PS4: R985 | Switch: R985
  • Raru – Xbox Series X/S: R1,199 | PS5: R1,199 | Xbox One: R999 | PS4: R999 | Switch: R999

Game4U is offering the best price for NBA 2K22 on Xbox Series X/S and PS5, with Nexus Hub having the best price for Xbox One and PS4 editions. Of course, take into account delivery costs for your respective city when making your decision.

You can read more about the big gameplay changes NBA 2K22 is offering in our full NBA 2K22 preview.

NBA 2K22 hits Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS5, PC, and Switch on 10 September 2021.

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