7 Big Video Game Sequels We Can’t Wait to Play

Upcoming sequels

Which video game sequels top our list for the most-anticipated?

While the film world is enjoying the year of superhero movies, the video game world is undoubtedly in the year of sequels (and reboots). We’ve already indulged in the likes of Uncharted 4, Dark Souls III, and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, but there are a whole lot of other numerical follow-ups that we can’t wait to get our hands on:

Mafia 3

Release date: 7 October 2016 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Mafia III is already blowing away critics who’ve gotten their hands on the game, but we’ve only seen a small snippet of what Hangar 13’s open-world crime drama has in store for gamers. Mafia III tells the story of Lincoln Clay, who has just returned from the Vietnam War. He’s taken in by the “Black Mob”, but just as he starts to believe he’s found somewhere he can belong, the Italian Mob wipes them out. Clay vows to have his revenge – and that’s when the car chases, shady dealings, and bloody gunfights kick off. The game is looking absolutely spectacular and the 1968 New Orleans setting is a refreshing setting for the chaos that’s to unfold in Mafia III.

Titanfall 2

Release date: 28 October 2016 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Titanfall 2 looks to not only fix, but enhance and round-off the experience that the first game touched on. The sequel will deliver a faster, more balanced multiplayer experience, but most importantly, there will also be a fully-fledged single-player campaign for the game (something that should’ve been there in the first place), which will focus on the relationship between Titans and Pilots. Respawn Entertainment are looking to turn Titanfall from a once-off multiplayer distraction into a fully-realised franchise, and we’re on board.

Watch Dogs 2

Release date: 15 November 2016 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Ubisoft’s hack-’em-up action game lured in many fans into its dark, high-tech world, but one couldn’t help the feeling that the game wasn’t as cool as initially promised. However, it was fun and a sequel is on the way and is gearing up to be the Watch Dogs experience we were all hoping for. Watch Dogs 2 moves the action to San Francisco with a new hacker Marcus, who, while enjoys causing chaos with his smartphone skills, also has a pension for parkour. Watch Dogs 2 looks faster, prettier, and features more gameplay variety that should please fans when it launches later this year.

Dishonored 2

Release date: 11 November 2016 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

The first Dishonored opened the world of supernatural assassinations to gamers and the sequel is set to take it to new heights. Players will be able to choose between playing as Corvo or his daughter Emily in this slick-looking follow-up which takes place in the coastal city of Karnaca rather than the grimy streets of Dunwall. Players can also use a variety of new supernatural powers to hunt down their targets, but it’s also said that the game can be finished without taking a life. We’re intrigued and can’t wait to see how the distinctly creepy vibes of the original are reimagined for Dishonored 2.

Shadow Warrior 2

Release date: TBA 2016 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

2013’s Shadow Warrior reboot wasn’t the best game to come out that year, but it was a sadly overlooked throwback to the age of brutal first-person shooters. Shadow Warrior 2 is the natural evolution of Flying Wild Hog’s offbeat FPS following the further misadventures of former corporate shogun Lo Wang. The sequel sees the return of the “bullets and blades” combat style, allowing players to switch between guns and swords on the fly, as well as introducing co-op to the game. It’s also said to include an enhanced damage and dismemberment system, and procedurally generated environments.

Dead Rising 4

Release date: 6 December 2016 (Xbox One, PC)

Open-world, weapon crafting, and zombie killing action is returning with Dead Rising 4 – the next instalment in Capcom’s fan-favourite tongue-in-cheek undead series. Dead Rising 4 features also sees the return of Frank West, the photojournalist protagonist from the original game. Set 16 years after the first game, it will once again be set in Willamette, Colorado, and will feature massive environments, thousands of zombies, and of course, tons of weapons to create, such as exo-skeleton suits and electrified hammers. The countdown clock from previous games has also been removed, which is a sigh of relief for those who want to take their time in smashing their way through Dead Rising 4 when it launches on Xbox One in 2017.

Gears of War 4

Release date: 11 October 2016 (Xbox One)

Just about everything of Gears of War 4 screams something new. A new developer, new characters, and a new setting, Gears 4 is looking to take the franchise into the new generation with some fresh ideas, albeit with the same brutality that made the original a hit. The sequel will follow protagonist JD Fenix (son of Gears of War‘s Marcus Fenix) and his squad, along with the new enemy that plagues the world post-Gears 3.

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