7 Awesome Games You Can Buy for Under R200

Wallet-friendly gaming!

Gaming can be an expensive hobby these days, but MenStuff is here to help you find some digital adventures that aren’t too hefty on your wallet.

Check out 7 great games you can buy for under R200:

Alien Isolation (PS4) – R189

Alien: Isolation does a really good job to recreate the tension and horror aspects of the Alien franchise, which is something that has often been sidelined in exchange for action in other games based on the franchise. The interesting premise, incredible visuals and unique AI features make the game a must-play for horror fans looking for something different.

Alien Isolation is on sale from the Playstation Store for R189.

Timeshift (PC) – R149.50

While many games featured elements of bullet-time and slow-down mechanics, TimeShift based its entire gameplay on the concept. While the game didn’t break any records, it gave players the opportunity to slow-down, freeze and even rewind time. This had to be mastered in order to solve puzzles and kill enemies. Some enemies even move so fast, you have to slow down time just to see them. Time can also be completely stopped, allowing you to waltz over and snatch an enemy’s gun right out of their hands. That alone is worth your time.

Timeshift is on special on Amazon for R127.00.

Bionic Commando (PS3) – R100

While some purists will vouch for the old-school side-scrolling version from the 1990s, Capcom’s 2009 third-person action adventure reboot of Bionic Commando is a shamelessly underrated game. Fun traversal, challenging combat, and some unique ideas made Bionic Commando a joy to play through; and for R100, it’s a steal.

Bionic Commando is available for R100 from Loot.

FIFA 16 (Xbox One) – R115

If you’re not too phased about having the absolute latest instalment of FIFA on your shelf, those looking for a cheaper option to enjoy with their friends will be glad to know FIFA 16 is now priced at under R200. EA’s noble quest for authenticity certainly has its benefits, but there are times when the slower pace and more deliberate build-up play takes the shine off what is, after all, a video game representation of the beautiful game, and FIFA 16 delivers that.

FIFA 16 is available from Loot for R116.

Destiny (PS4) – R149

Even with its stumbles, the initial release of Destiny was a colossal achievement in interactive design, integrating a number of differing genre elements into a smart and unified game. Story-based campaigning, co-op comradeship, or adversarial annihilation – Destiny delivers on all fronts.

Destiny is available from BT Games for R149.

Dead Space 3 (PC) – R98

Dead Space has always been outrageously frightening as you made you lonely way through derelict space ships, but does adding a friend to the mix make it easier?  Not really, but it’s awesome. In Dead Space 3, drop-in/drop-out co-op allows the world’s most unlucky engineer, Isaac Clark, to be joined by John Carver.  The problem is that Carver also deals with some dementia of his own, which results in each player experiencing the game a little different through each character’s eyes.

Dead Space 3 is on special from Takealot for R98

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One) – R165

Coming from the minds behind Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, we knew Sunset Overdrive was going to bring the noise. The explosive and stylised world of Sunset City may be overrun with mutant zombies, but its fun gameplay mechanics and forward-thinking story push it beyond the usual run-‘n-gun scenario. The complex upgrade system and punchy punk soundtrack only upped the ante. The only thing comparable it to is a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game… with guns and monsters.

Sunset Overdrive is available for R165 from Loot.

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