Buyer’s Guide: Best Massage Guns in SA

Which percussion guns should you consider?

Massage guns are the new sunglasses. Everyone wants to get their hands on one, thanks to the benefits that percussion therapy provides to sore and tired muscles. Of course, with any growing tech trend, there will be a variety of options on the market, many with various price-points and features; but which massage gun should you be considering? We’ve rounded up a few models available in South Africa that could bring some relief to your achy muscles.

Now, it’s worth noting that power outage and RPM (or in this case, Percussions Per Minute) make quite the difference. You ideally should be looking for something that has the capability of doing more than 2,000 RPM.

Botthms Lite Massage Gun V1

Price: R2,399

Botthms’ Lite Massage Gun v1 is a solid everyday-use version among their massage gun range. It features 4 different massage heads for varying levels of muscle treatment, and a 2600mAh battery, along with a 3,200 RPM capacity. It also comes bundled with a carry case, which is always a nice bonus.

Vssage Total Body Massager

Price: R1,799

The Vssage Total Body Massager is another solid percussion gun on the market, which delivers 6 different heads, 4 speed levels, and is notably quiet, with a motor that outputs only <55dB(A), so that you can get your recovery in without ruining important TV moments.

Flow Mini

Price: R3,499

The Flow Mini is arguably the best in terms of portability and size. Thanks to its 10mm amplitude high torque motor, it can deliver a powerful massage (up to 3,000 PPM), and also features 4 different heads and 3 varying speeds.

K1 Pro Portable massage gun

Price: R1,889

The K1 Pro comes with 6 interchangeable heads and a motor capable of delivering 3,200 PPM, making it a pretty great option for its price-point. We wouldn’t recommend using them, but there are even 2 stainless steel heads for some serious kneading if there are certain areas which require extra attention.

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