Puma evoPower Vigor 1 — Are They the Best Boots on the Market?

We sink our feet into Puma’s most ambitious boots to date!

The likes of Adidas and Nike have introduced sock-like boots over the last season, and Puma has just unleashed a somewhat similar, yet different take on the concept with the evoPower Vigor – a revamped design of the popular evoPowers. But what exactly makes the evoPower Vigor special? Well, a lot, actually.

True to the name, the Vigors don’t change the underlying DNA behind the evoPower line, still offering a solid all-round boot for control, speed, accuracy, and of course, power when shooting or striking the ball, but there are some new changes to the boot – and the biggest of those changes are happening in the uppers.


The core concept of having a softer, more flexible boot to allow your foot to move freely is still the goal here – and the new stretchable upper around the toe-box and base area (which Puma is calling the ADAP-LITE) helps do exactly that. But that isn’t the only new addition to the upper.

There are three primary pieces to the boot construction now: the inner spandex sock, the 3D AccuFoam dots, and then the ADAP-LITE foam which makes up the outer shell of the boot.

The inner sock construction is here to give players the most personal, uninterrupted and natural feeling when wearing the boot, rather than having plastic or harder foam being in direct contact with your foot. Putting them on is as easy as sliding a sturdy sock over your foot and the softer sensation brings you a little closer to the ball and ground.

Evopower Vigor 1 boots

As for the AccuFoam dots, they’re basically there to even-out some of the uneven surfaces and create a texture on the uppers when you come into contact with the ball – helping avoid any bones or bumps misdirecting the ball’s trajectory. It’s a small touch, but one that does make you feel like you have a bigger strike-zone when making that clinical shot or important pass.

The icing on the cake is the ADAP-LITE upper support cage, which did feature on the previous evoPower iterations; but this year, it’s been refined, made smaller for a tighter feel, and is ridiculously soft. It also helps protect the inner sock and add some extra grip to the ball around the toe-area. It also provides great lockdown for your foot, as the support cage stretches from the sole of the boot right across the lace area, even exposing some of the 3D AccuFoam dots along the way.

Evopower Vigor 1

On the under-side of the boot, there’s not too much new with the sole plate. Puma have opted for the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude – it’s the same combination of conical studs and blades that have become the evoPower staple (allowing for more grip when changing angles or making turns), and the stability plates in the middle are still present – which is needed given that the upper of the boot itself is far more flexible.

So, what do we think of the Puma evoPower Vigor 1 boots? They’re incredibly soft, light, and have been polished to another level thanks to the new inner-sock lining. These are arguably the most exciting boots to come out in 2017 and an undeniable contender for boot of the year. German engineering at its best.

The Puma evoPower Vigor 1 boots are priced at R3,499 and available now.

Puma Evopower Vigor 1 review

Puma is running a promo – buy a pair of EvoPower Vigor 1 FG for R3499 from selected retailers nationwide and get an EvoTraining kit worth R6000, which includes a Vent Jacket, EvoKnit T–shirt, shorts, socks, EvoPower ball, EvoForce shinpads and EvoPower kit bag. The offer available at participating retail stores starting 1 February 2017 while stocks last, and excludes Puma retail stores.

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