5 Underrated Action Movies You Need to Watch

Here’s 5 action movies that deserve a whole lot more credit than they got.

We at MenStuff are the first to admit that we love big, loud, and in-your-face action movies. There’s nothing quite like a big popcorn-blockbuster, full of car chases, kung fu, gunfights, explosions, and sci-fi action, so in the spirit of highlighting the best of the best, lets take a look back at some of our favourite action blockbusters that tickled our fancy in recent years:

John Wick

Say what you want about Keanu Reeves, but the man can pull off brooding pissed-off assassin better than anyone. John Wick was arguably the most stylish movie of 2014 and delivered on the action big time with some incredible gun-fu choreography and fight scenes unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s one of Keanu’s most endearing, excruciating and badass performances of his career, and it all culminates into a film you can’t afford to ignore. With the sequel currently in the works, it’s worth getting involved in the dark world of John Wick.

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John Wick


Snowpiercer is one of the most interesting and unique films to come out in recent years, showcasing a claustrophobic setting aboard a bullet train traveling across a post-apocalyptic Earth. Captain America‘s Chris Evans once again does a fantastic job in the lead of the film, portraying a tragic yet admirable hero who has a dark past of his own. The movie is great from start to finish, features some intense action sequences, and may even lead you to ask some questions about society – which are some pretty good boxes to tick.

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Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise gets a bad rap these days due to his off-camera antics with Scientology. However, his movies seem to be getting better and better. Following the incredibly underrated sci-fi blockbuster, Oblivion, Cruise followed up with another futuristic role in Edge of Tomorrow, which follows a soldier who is having a bit of Groundhog Day time-loop while battling some deadly aliens. The movie is funny, clever, well-acted, and above all, has some incredibly impressive visuals and action sequences.

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Edge of Tomorrow


A Godzilla remake was definitely in need after the strange 1998 film from Roland Emmerich left an unsatisfied taste in everyone’s mouths. Well, young director Gareth Edwards took on the monumentally daunting project and delivered in every way. This is a movie of tremendous visual daring, magnificent special-effects work and surprising moral gravity, and Edwards got the look, feel and timing of delivering the iconic Japanese monster on screen at just the right time. There are very few movies that can exhume the sense of dread, fear and true amazement at the same time, and Godzilla managed to do it without a hiccup. Edwards is busy finishing up work on the Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One, before commencing production on Godzilla 2.

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The Raid 2: Berandal

Anyone who has seen or heard of The Raid will know that it’s gone down as a cult classic among action fanatics. The sequel ups the ante and brings a high-energy plot and over-the-top violence that will tickle genre aficionados. The film follows a SWAT member who goes undercover into a hostile prison to take down both corrupt police officials and the gangs of the criminal underworld. Need we say more?

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The Raid 2

What are some of your favourite action movies from the past few years? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @MenStuffZA!

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