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Ways In Which You Can Get Cheap Insurance

Finding a fitting insurance option for your car isn’t always easy, but there are things to keep in mind during the search.




Getting car insurance is not hard, but getting cheap insurance that is pocket-friendly and has all the policies you need can be a problem. Worry not, though! We have come up with ways to help you get cheap car insurance.

1. Pay Your Premium Annually

You have the power to choose methods of payment, but it is advisable to pay annually. By opting for an annual payment, you might end up saving some cash. On the other hand, monthly payment is affordable, but it’s higher in sum, compared to an annual payment.

2. Undertake Driving Course

Most organisations offer an advanced driving course. If your car insurance company offers such a course, it is important to participate, because upon completing it you will find cheap car insurance through an existing insurer.
Always be aware! If you fail this course opportunity, you might end up paying more premiums at the end of the month.

3. Minimise The Distance You Use While Driving

The mileage you put on your car can be placed as a factor when choosing cheap car insurance. If you do not cover a large distance when driving, then you are likely to have your premium reduced. Insurance companies realised that when the drivers are not often on the road, the risk is lower in comparison to when they are travelling all the time. Therefore, adjust your mileage rates accordingly.

4. Pre-check For Any Unnecessary Add-Ons

Many of the insurance policies are repeated by other insurances you have, and you end up double-paying for some of them. When looking for cheaper car insurance, it is essential to check and double-check the policies and to choose the ones that seem important and do away with the others, since they might be covered by other insurances such as health or bank insurance, for example.

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5. Model Of Your Car

Car models can largely affect the amount of money you’re paying for a premium every month. Having a new car will push you to get comprehensive car insurance, while when you have an old and not so reliable car, you will be able to pick a less expensive cover.

6. It Is Essential To Know Your Cover Type

A brand new car would need a good cover, like a comprehensive one, compared to an old car which is not worth too much. In that case, it is advisable to use a third party insurance cover that covers cases of theft and fire, to save money.
You should keep in mind that third-party does not give you the cover level you want, however, you should note that they are not that expensive compared to comprehensive options.

7. Try And Avoid Modifications

Modified cars are expensive to fit in comparison to ordinary cars. Modification may look good but that means a rise in the price of your insurance. Adding performance to your car also comes with a risk of theft because it is more attractive when upgraded.

8. Job Description

Always be honest when giving details to an insurer. Failure to do so might result in invalidating your policy. It is important to know that job titles can make you pay more or make you pay less. For example, a chef pays more compared to a cook.

9. Be Aware Of Administration Charges

Administration charges are too easy not to look upon since they are the hidden expenses on car insurance. These charges apply when you are changing your job, car, or your address in the course of the insurance policy. Some policies will allow you to change that for a small fee, others will charge more. When you are arranging for a cover it is worth looking at how they are charging.

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