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Performance Purist

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So – it’s New Year’s resolution time and you’ve decided you’re going to get in shape, but seriously this time. Well, when it comes to making physical progress, what you put in is what you get out, and that doesn’t just count for your own effort, but also for the kind of environment you’re working out in.

For Joburgers that are looking for a place that will help them get strong and fit, Performance Purist is a Northern Suburbs (located in Riverclub) Strength and Conditioning gym that offers one of the best places to achieve just that.

Now, ‘Strength and Conditioning’ might sound like it’s for the pros, and you’d be right, but it’s beneficial for anyone and everyone no matter where they fall on the athletic ladder. If you’re looking to progress from A to B in your own physical development, their team of coaches can help. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to break records, or someone making the transition from sedentary to fit, their team has the expertise and ability to progress your development.

The coaching staff consists of Joshua Capazorio, Darryn Anthony, and Ilona Wilson, all of whom are dedicated coaches with a wealth of experience in multiple strength and athletics related disciplines between them.

Joshua is the head coach and specialises in sport-specific Strength and Conditioning related to effectively any discipline, and has attained a host of training qualifications. He’s represented South Africa as a sprinter, weightlifter, and powerlifter throughout his career as an athlete and coach. From lifting to arm wrestling – if your aim is to improve your strength, he’ll be able to help you achieve it.

Darryn Anthony is ranked as South Africa’s best male weightlifter according to the Sinclair formula, has 16 national titles at junior and senior level across multiple events (including the African Championships and Commonwealth Championships), and represented South Africa at the Beijing Olympics. He’s gone to great lengths not only to coach athletes to improve at the elite level in Olympic weightlifting, but also strives to grow the sport at the national level.

Many professional athletes have passed through Performance Purist’s doors, including boxers Kevin Lerena and Boyd Allen, MMA fighters Don Madge and Sean Robinson, Olympic shot-putter Orazio Cremona, and several athletes representing South Africa’s colours.

Their programs can be broken down into three time segments:

  • Group Training (5:30AM – 6:30AM and 5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • Semi-Private Training (Semi-private coaching sessions at pre-arranged times)
  • Online Coaching Programs (Customised programs for members not in the vicinity)

Group training is divided into four types:

  • Specialised Lifting Classes (weightlifting and powerlifting)
  • Performance Conditioning Classes (metabolic conditioning)
  • Kettlebell, Primal, and Bodyweight Classes
  • Strength-based Classes (auxiliary and compound exercises)

The gym culture caters towards motivated and committed members that are pushing for personal improvement, and don’t lock members into contracts unlike most gyms out there – memberships can be cancelled within a one-month notice period at any point.

So if you’re ready to take the leap and get yourself into better physical condition, and want a gym that has a motivating culture with expert coaches check out Performance Purist – whether you’re a pro aiming for the next title or just want to be stronger next month than you are today.

Performance Purist gym is located on 17 Poplar Avenue, Riverclub, Sandton.

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