OneDayOnly Promises “Up to 100% Off” this Black Friday!

OneDayOnly Black Friday header

Nope, it’s not a typo.

There’s no doubt that if you have the internet and eyeballs, you’ve seen the excitement around Black Friday and the deals set to arrive on the popular shopping holiday this week. We’ve seen some pretty alluring sales and specials being thrown around, but OneDayOnly‘s statement of intent takes the cake (mmm… cake).

The flash sale specialist is set to have deals “Up to 100% off” on Friday, which sounds like ‘Free’ to us, and anything that’s free is usually awesome. Of course, there aren’t too many details at the moment, but it’s an exciting offering nonetheless.

Building up to Friday, OneDayOnly is raising the discount price of its sale items each day, offering you 75% off on Wednesday, 80% off on Thursday, and of course, culminating in up to 100% off on Friday.

And if you don’t know about OneDayOnly (firstly, shame on you); it’s a haven for some of the best deals in SA. A ritual here at the MenStuff HQ, OneDayOnly should be the first thing you do everyday with your morning coffee, as OneDayOnly offers epic savings on electronics, gadgets, cosmetics, sport, fashion and lifestyle products. Spoiler-alert: it’s pretty amazing.

Remember, if you want to keep up with OneDayOnly’s daily specials, the best thing is to subscribe to the newsletter. That way you’ll get a daily reminder of what’s on the site, so you can open and have a squizz alongside your morning coffee.

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