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How To Spend Your Free Time With Friends In Dubai

Are you staying in Dubai with your friends and don’t know what to choose from a variety of entertainment options? We will help you make the right choice.




Dubai — one of the richest cities on the planet — never ceases to amaze its visitors, often leaving lasting impressions on anyone who makes themselves a guest of the UAE city.

Historical architecture, unusual museums, nightclubs, cutting-edge attractions, comfortable beaches, natural beauty, and other sights attract people from all over the world. Even shopping in malls and Dubai markets can be a real adventure. However, if you are planning to visit or move to Dubai, we’ve got the lowdown on some of the must-do things to enjoy with your friends there.

Massage and SPA

There’s no doubt why many people make spa trips their hobby. These days, there are many who can’t imagine life without a weekly massage and a visit to the SPA, and after experiencing such a relaxing treatment, it’s understandable. Life in the modern world or just in a big city leaves its mark on our physical, psychological, and emotional state.

Therefore, if you are tired of constant stress, some eternal and endless questions, problems, and work tasks, then take your friends and visit one of the many massage centres to experience the delight of a luxury massage. There is a huge selection of massage and spa treatments that will make you feel much better, and the professional staff and level of service are second to none.

Luxury cars

Well, what is Dubai without its magnificent and incredibly expensive vehicles? Luxury cars are everywhere — even the local police drive Lamborghinis. While you may think hiring or leasing such an exotic vehicle may be unfeasible, remember, you’re in Dubai.

Several rental companies offer to rent luxury cars for quite reasonable prices, of course, you will need to put down a decent deposit, but the actual cost of rental is extremely reasonable in comparison to other parts of the world. So, why not take your friends and enjoy the ride in a luxury car. Just don’t forget to follow traffic rules!


If you and your friends are more the adventurous, thrill-seeking type, you should try skydiving in Dubai. Dubai offers a lot of opportunities to do a parachute jump on your own (if experienced and qualified enough to do so) or with a professional skydiver to accompany you.

If you don’t want to leave the city, you should try Skydive Dubai The Palm. Beautiful views of the Palm Islands will leave an impression on you, and getting to see the landscape from that height is truly astounding.

Final words

Dubai offers a huge amount of entertainment and activities for all types of individuals with different budgets. There’s not only a huge focus on health and wellness in Dubai, but also the more extreme activities like skydiving and camel-back tours. If you need a little guidance, there are also numerous local agencies that offer all kinds of excursions — from sightseeing tours to the culture and traditions of the Bedouins.

Dubai is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. This city is always ready to surprise — you just have to be ready for it.

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