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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you want to rekindle your relationship with an ex, there are some things to keep in mind.




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Absence makes a heart grow fonder! You probably broke with your girlfriend some time back, and you are already missing her. You feel tempted to call and ask her to move in again. How do you approach the situation so that you win her back?

It would be easy if she was on the wrong, but you might have to think smart if you did something that upset her to the extent of walking away. According to Get Ex Back For Good, a dating and relationship website, getting back your ex-girlfriend is simple psychology. You might even slap yourself for not knowing these tactics. This guide will reveal all the tricks you should know.

1. Learn the Mistake and Rectify It

The breakup must have originated from a critical misstep: you are using drugs, physically abusive, unfaithful, financially irresponsible, or your life goals do not complement your spouse’s expectations.

Knowing and correcting the misunderstandings will convince your ex that you are remorseful and committed to start afresh.

2. Age Matters

Consider the age of your ex when devising a strategy to win back her heart. Statistics indicate that youths are more likely to reconnect with their ex than older individuals.

Besides, youthful women like jokes while older women value sincerity. Keeping this fact in mind is crucial when organising how to get back with your ex.

3. Trust and Happiness

The woman you love is likely to leave you if she feels she cannot trust you, or you cannot make her happy. Your girlfriend did not lose feelings for you suddenly. The action of walking away was only the tipping point; otherwise, you must have upset her on many instances until she could not withstand you anymore.

Ask yourself what makes her happy. Perhaps she has been asking numerous favors that you turned down: a massage therapy, a getaway from home trip, a night at a camp, permission to enroll with a dancing group, or even a proposal to sire a kid, which you all turned down.

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Reevaluate the subtle things she hinted during your relationship occasionally. In case you turned them down, she was hurt and lost trust in your ability to make her happy. Retrace your step and be ready to listen to make her happy.

4. Do Not Give Up So Fast

According to Good Therapy, a therapy/relationship site, give yourself enough time to think about your wrecked relationship before you decide whether to move on or to get back with your ex. You should know that you will experience difficulties even if you get in a relationship with someone new.

5. Do Not Vent Your Love Frustration on Social Media

Love is a private matter. When you breakup with your lover, overflowing negative energy might tempt you to write suggestive or derogatory messages on your social media platforms targeting your ex girlfriend. You might feel justified if she was on the wrong, and you know a secret that would embarrass her.

However, displaying your anger on social media will make your ex loathe and avoid you more. Instead, spend time with your boyfriends engaging in constructive activities that make you happy. For example, organise a road drive or a hiking trip. Take many pictures and post them on your social media page to let her know you are happy.

She is likely to pick your calls in the future. Further, she will gladly show up at date invitations since she knows you are full of positive energy that you have been displaying through recreational activities with your friends.

6. Do Not Get Into a New Relationship to Hurt Your Ex

If it is a few weeks after separation, and your social networking pages are full of your new girlfriend’s pictures, you are telling your ex to move on, as you will not want her back ever.

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You might assume that hooking up with a new girl would make your ex envious and more inclined to come back on her own, but you are pushing her away for good. Stay single for as long as possible. Bringing another lover during the separation period will diminish your probability of ever winning your ex.

Stay single and seek self-improvement that will make your ex admire you. For instance, join a gym and improve your overall health to regain your self-esteem.

7. Send an Elusive Love Gesture

If you have not communicated with your ex for some time, send a message that will suggest you still care about her. For instance, send her a bouquet of flowers or a gift on her birthday. You can also send her delicious lunch at her office with a message wishing her a good day.

She will probably send a ‘thank you’ message that you should appreciate with only “you are welcome” and move on. Wait until she initiates further contact. Avoid being pushy even if she delays the response.

The Bottom Line

Getting your ex back requires wise strategy. Do not vent your anger on social media, hook up with someone else to hurt her, or even pester her to come back. Instead, identify the reasons that hurt her and fix them, send her hints that you still care about her, and engage in self-improvement practices such as exercising and spending time with upbeat friends.

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