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Here’s How to Get Quality Meats, Groceries, and Treats Delivered To Your Door!

GoHugos is changing the game when it comes to meat and grocery deliveries to your door!

Jeremy Proome



We’ve all become somewhat accustomed to home deliveries over the past year or so, and while it hasn’t been easy on anyone, we are fortunate to have some stellar services bringing the very-best in food directly to our doors. While the next logical step would be for a service to deliver the food directly into our mouths, we’ll settle for some of the finest meats, groceries, and condiments available in the good ole Republic, and online store GoHugos does just that.

Launched as a specialised and personalised online grocer, GoHugos doesn’t just stock your run-of-the-mill items, but rather specially-cured meats, baked goods, sauces, spices, and just about anything from some of South Africa’s best and most discerning brands. Furthermore, they’re price-conscious and aim to get you the best of the best for the most affordable price.

So, GoHugos isn’t aiming just to be a once-off option for those looking to indulge, but rather something more, giving you a weekly grocery option that’ll be delivered directly to your door, including goodies that you won’t find on the shelves of your usual go-to store.

Speaking of, while GoHugos features all the foods you’d expect, it prides itself on its stocked meat brands — and we can confirm: they’re damn good. From venison mince from Hunter’s Cut to their sublime warthog cheese sausage, there are amazing and affordable meat options that you won’t find elsewhere. The venison burger patties from Hunter’s Cut are outrageously tasty, and is priced at R64.99 for 4, they’re arguably a better, meatier, and more delicious option than you’ll find anywhere.

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There is also a range of Hunter’s Cut cabanossi and venison biltong to keep you snacking throughout the days, and a variety of biscuits and nuts available too, if you’re planning on stocking up for the rugby.

Frozen pies from Shamrock Pies and Magpies give you options of some hearty lunches or dinners, while Lynca’s pork rib burgers (at R134.99 for 1kg) are no-brainers for rib fans.

Pizza-lovers also have to try the incredible vegan and gluten-friendly pizza bases from Dough Boys Pizza Base Company. There are options of wheat bases, gluten-friendly, and low-carb gluten-friendly bases — all of which are incredibly thin, hand-rolled and perfect on a pizza stone on the braai or in a wood fire. They come in packs of three, with the wheat bases priced at R69 for 3, the gluten-friendly at R89 for 3, and low-carb gluten-friendly option at R119 for 3.

And for something a little sweeter to compliment the amazing savoury and meaty options, GoHugos also stocks Coti’s Zero Sugar chocolate brand, which has a range of single bar or slab chocolates (milk, dark, and mint) which feature zero-added sugar and are a great cheery-on-top after a great meal.

Of course, GoHugos is dedicated to ensuring hygiene and safety in these strange times, and offers a personalised delivery service with stringent adherence to health / Covid protocols. What’s great, is GoHugos also offers household items, such as cleaning products and washing ingredients, so you can grab all your household needs too!

Offering delivery in Cape Town, GoHugos shoppers get free Delivery on orders above R1,000. Deliveries are next-day, however, same-day delivery is available dependent on your area.

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You can check out more and the whole GoHugos store here, and follow GoHugos on Facebook and Instagram.

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1 Comment

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    Monica Britton

    July 4, 2023 at 09:00

    I am in Middelburg Mpumalanga and want to order R2000 meat for July how can i order and a price list please and will you deliver thanx Monica 0725679089

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