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Best No-Fail Gifts For Your Girlfriend You Can Give For No Reason

What’s a suitable surprise gift for that special lady in your life?




It’s one thing to give presents for the New Year, Valentine’s Day, or a Birthday. However, these are somewhat expected; so if you’re looking to deliver a little surprise to your significant-other, then a present out of the blue often makes for a special statement.

A spontaneous present doesn’t need to be anything particular, and can be expensive or cheap, classic or original, purchased or handmade. It’s all about the thought, but of course, there are some safe go-tos with regards to a no-reason-gift? Here are some suggestions:

#1. Flowers

Today, it has become fashionable to give flowers for no reason. They’re the perfect option to give someone a pleasant surprise, and a beautiful bouquet will cheer anyone up. Furthermore, you can find the right flowers for anyone: whether it be a girlfriend, daughter, mother, or anyone needing a little colour and love to brighten up their day.

Run to the nearest flower shop and ask the florist to collect a mono-bouquet of delicate roses, gerberas, alstroemerias, or daisies. Remember that the bouquet should not be very expensive, otherwise it could make the recipient feel like they’re indebted to return the favour.

#2. Mugs for two

Mugs may seem very simple and mundane, but matching mugs is pretty cute, if we don’t say so ourselves. Getting ‘couple-mugs’ is a great way to have something in common with your loved-on, and something you’ll likely use everyday, reminding them of your gift.

#3. Pendant in the form of a zodiac sign

A pendant made of silver or gold in the form of a zodiac sign is a suitable spontaneous gift for a young lady who believes in her star. It is important for a girl who checks every step with a horoscope to know that you respect her zodiac sign, and the gift shows that you pay attention to the star symbol of your partner.

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#4. Set of candles

A cute and romantic gift is a set of small scented candles. You can also give one large candle, but go for something that has a decorative holder, pot, or handle. The gift will suit romantic and dreamy evenings and could come in handy for an at-home date night.

#5. Wireless headphones

Headphones are a great gift for any modern person, especially some noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. These can come in handy for your partner’s commuting, exercising, or simply wanting to avoid annoying pet/neighborhood drill/street noises. Also, there are headphones for just about any budget, so it’s a great flexible option.

#5. Yes Day

Announce your beloved in the morning that you will not refuse her anything today just like in the movie. To all requests, you will only say “yes”. Coffee and donuts in bed? Yes. Shopping in three malls? Yes. Cat grooming? Yes! Watching 5 episodes in a row of “Sex and the City”? Yes!!!

Tips on how to choose a no-reason gift

When choosing what gifts you can give on a whim to your girlfriend, it is important to know a few rules that will help you make the right choice:

  • Listen carefully for your beloved. Sometimes in the process of a casual conversation, girls can give out their most secret desires. At the same time, soberly assess the capabilities of your memory – if you cannot rely on it, don’t be too lazy to write down important thoughts on paper or in-phone notes.
  • Pay attention to how your girlfriend reacts to certain things in store windows. This doesn’t mean that you need to definitely buy the particular thing that delighted your companion, but this will clearly help to understand the direction of her thoughts and preferences.
  • Feel free to use the Internet for your own purposes. Check your girlfriend’s social media posts – what is she into?
  • If you still couldn’t figure out what to give a girl for no reason, give her a voucher for a store she loves – so she will be able to independently purchase what she wants.
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