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A Sexy Gift Guide that Is Perfect for Your Special Lady During the Holiday Season

Find the perfect gift for that special lady in your life this festive season.




It’s that time of year again. Buying gifts for your partner can be challenging when you think she already has everything she could ever ask for. After all, she has you. What more could she want?

If you’re the type of person who believes that your partner could benefit from the traditional brand name appliance, then this article will help guide you to something a little different.

What to Buy the Partner Who Seems to Have Everything?

Contrary to the stereotype, the modern woman does not want to be gifted a new branded appliance for Christmas. There should be a golden rule that says gifts should be something that the recipient person can enjoy for themselves. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of a few slightly different gift ideas for your favourite lady.


It’s almost a given that all women like to feel sexy on occasion. No matter your special person’s style of comfort, there’s no denying she’d like some flattering, grown-up lingerie or silky, lacy negligee. Give your partner a break from the cotton-mom undies


What about a gift that you and your partner will both enjoy? Vibrators are slim, quiet, and available in a range of fun shapes and colours. You could even choose a mini travel-friendly option for a lady who spends time away from home. Simply visit your nearest adult shop that has both lingerie and vibrators for sale.

Massage Oil

If your special lady enjoys spending the day at a spa, why not take matters into your own hands? Create a hamper with a few bottles of scented aromatherapy oils to use for a super relaxing massage. Don’t forget to add a bottle of her favourite sparkling wine.

Impress your lady with your massage techniques when you treat her to an at-home-spa-day. The more relaxed she is, the more relaxed you’ll be too.

Sexy Truth or Dare Game

If you and your partner enjoy playing old-school games, why not consider a sexy version of the traditional truth or dare? Answering a few racy questions might just teach you something new and fun about your favorite person. 

If you’re not a truth-or-dare kind of person, there are other sexy board games you can choose from. It’s an ideal way to spend some quality time with your partner without the distraction of screens and devices! 

Fishnet Stockings

While not every woman would venture out into the world in a rocking pair of fishnets, they do ooze sex appeal. Not only will they elongate her legs, but they’ll also make her feel super sexy, no matter when or where she chooses to wear them.

Final Thoughts

Unless your partner has explicitly requested a new brand-name appliance, it’s good to know that you have different options. If you’re opening gifts at Grandma’s, perhaps opt for a small family-friendly gift under the tree and then arrange a special Christmas celebration of your own together afterwards.

Don’t stop at just one gift from our list. After all, your lady is deserving of the entire world!

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