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Cape Town Runners Put Reebok’s FloatZig 1 to the Test

Reebok launches the Floatzig 1 in South Africa.




On Saturday 20 April, Reebok transformed Cape Town’s streets into a playground to celebrate the FloatZig 1 running shoe, which hit the South African market in March. The activation put the New Shape of Running directly into the hands — and onto the feet — of the Running Late Club (RLC), media, influencers, and the Reebok Community, challenging them to test its mettle across a 5km route. 

In collaboration with the RLC, the event began at the TwoFortyTwo coffee shop in the heart of Greenpoint. Attendees tried on the new FloatZig 1, were briefed on the day’s activities, and were then grouped into teams. As the clock struck 9 AM, attendees started a journey designed to test every aspect of the FloatZig 1’s groundbreaking technology.


It began with a scavenger hunt at TwoFortyTwo, where they had to look for tokens that would allow them to start the race. They then raced to Greenpoint Lighthouse where they skipped rope to test the shoe’s bounce. From there, they continued to Motley Crew in Seapoint to take part in CrossFit-inspired fitness challenges, where they had to work together in teams to complete each challenge before they could move on.

The run wrapped up back at Two Forty Two, where attendees dived into a ball pit to search for their prizes. Among the rewards were the opportunity for attendees to keep their trial FloatZig 1s, vouchers, and discount codes for future purchases. Everyone also received a discount code to shop for Reebok products.

Each of these challenges were strategically chosen to spotlight how the FloatZig 1 enhances performance and amplifies the joy of running. The FloatZig 1’s innovative design, from its engineered mesh upper to the strategic foam panels, ensures a snug fit that moves with the foot, reduces weight, and eliminates distractions so runners can focus purely on the pleasure of their run. 

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The FloatZig 1 is now available for those ready to embrace this new era — where technology, design, and the pure joy of movement create an unmatched running experience. 

Become part of the club and sign up for Reebok Unlocked for a chance to be part of Reebok’s upcoming events. The FloatZig 1 is now available online at or in-store at Canal Walk. You can find out more about the Reebok FloatZig 1 running shoe here.

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