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WWE 2K24 Review — A Well-Oiled Wrestling Machine

WWE is back and bigger than ever with 2K24. Here’s our review.

Jeremy Proome



Every year, 2K’s WWE franchise has a hard act to follow. With every iteration, the long-running wrestling franchise improves upon the series’ solid foundation with easy-to-learn fighting mechanics, an ever-evolving presentation, and an expanded roster. However, technical bugs have held back the last entry or two, but it’s safe to say that 2K24 delivers the most polished and comprehensive wrestling experience to date, with the franchise fully hitting its spandex-clad stride this year.

The core gameplay of the series’ more recent entries remains intact, with snappy and responsive fighting controls allowing you to hit, grapple, manoeuvre, or sling your opponents around the ring, although it feels a lot more streamlined. The subtle pause and awkward change between move sets seem to be a thing of the past, and the animations and transitions to clotheslining or power driving your rival are slick and smooth, giving you a more realistic representation of the spectacle.

On top of the tighter execution with fighting, the new Super Finishers are an interesting touch, which allows you to use three bars of momentum (reserved for powerful moves and signature finishers) to pull off a potential match-ending moment. The highlight here is the presentation, as the camera swoops in to capture the smallest facial expressions and details as your superstar goes in for the kill – whether it be a devastating spear or top-rope shooting star.

The new match types, most notably the Special Guest Referee, are great. Taking control of the referee in an iconic match allows you to swing a match in the favour you desire, play it fair, or get involved with a sneaky shot or two yourself. The Casket and Ambulance matches operate in fairly the same fashion, requiring you to beat your opponent down enough before loading them into the casket or vehicle, then engaging in a button-mashing frenzy to slam the door shut. It’s simple, but does add a fun twist on the regular formula that will surely deliver some laughs with some friends.

80s and 90s kids are in for a proper nostalgic treat with the Showcase mode, as players are able to recreate (or change) some of the greatest moments from WrestleMania’s 40-year history. The presentation, classic match set-up, and time-appropriate move-sets are awesome to relive, and longtime fans will find a lot to enjoy working through these iconic bouts.

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For some story to fill the chaos, the MyRise mode, which features two action-packed career arcs is a lot of fun too, with smack talk between fights, unpredictable moments, and a general feeling of growth as you go from WWE Recruit to a decorated WWE Champion. The voice acting is appropriately cheesy, and the action and interactions with real superstars are legitimately enjoyable throughout.

If you want to dive deeper into the weeds of the WWE world, you can jump into WWE 2K24‘s Universe mode which allows you to become the puppet master behind-the-scenes and gives you a sandbox-type environment to create alliances and feuds, and watch the whole thing play out from above.

Furthermore, MyGM mode allows you to assume the role of general manager and draft an elite roster of WWE Superstars, so you can start producing your own larger-than-life shows, make executive decisions by trading Superstars, offering contracts, and building your own WWE business, of sorts. However, these modes are where the inevitable microtransactions rear their heads, however, you can pretty much ignore them with little to no fuss to your experience.

If you’re a longtime WWE lover, this is the love letter to the golden era that made WWE what it is today, while also evolving the gameplay with some polished animations and tighter controls. WWE 2K24 is deserving of the title this year.

WWE 2K24 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can buy your copy here.

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