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7 Third-Person Action Games You Should Be Excited About

Here are some of the most exciting third-person action games heading your way.

Jeremy Proome



The third-person action genre is set for some exciting releases in the next year or so, with everything from kung-fu inspired shoot-’em-ups to espionage adventures on the cards. We’ve rounded up the most-anticipated of the bunch:


Release date: TBA 2024 (Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

Spine is a single-player story rich action game focused on intense close-quarters gun fights with aesthetics of Gun fu movies like John Wick and Equilibrium. The protagonist Redline can boost her reflexes using a spine augmentation perform all kinds of choreographic moves using her firearms, parry bullets with a katana, and evade incoming attacks. It’s got a great artstyle and feel to it, and we can’t wait to see more of Spine.

Black Myth: Wukong

Release date: 20 August 2024 (Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | PC)

Based on the ancient Journey to the West tale, Black Myth: Wukong is an action-adventure title powered by Unreal Engine 5 that’s packed full of martial arts combat, fantastical enemy designs, and drop-dead gorgeous visuals. We’ve seen a few games inspired by the 400 year old story, but Black Myth looks to be a very fantastical take on the novel.

Warhammer: Space Marine 2

Release date: 9 September 2024 (PS5 | Xbox Series X/S | PC)

The underappreciated gem that was the first Space Marine game is getting a sequel this year, as Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive will drop Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2. The third-person action title will allow you to explore iconic Warhammer lore environments and unleash deadly abilities and an arsenal of devastating weaponry to obliterate the relentless Tyranid hordes.

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Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga

Release date: 2024 (Xbox Series X/S | PC)

The sequel to Ninja Theory’s stellar action-adventure is upon us, as Hellblade 2 continues Senua’s journey after losing her loved one. Now a fierce warrior, players will fight their way through nightmarish lands and enemies, all while battling Senua’s own internal demons. The game is visually sublime, and if the sequel has more tricks up its sleeve like the first entry did, we’re in for a memorable time.

Vindictus: Defying Fate

Release date: 2024 (Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

Vindictus: Defying Fate looks to be an interesting mix of fantasy mythology and fast and frenetic combat ala Devil May Cry. You can create your own character and take on massive monsters and supernatural beasts utilising adrenaline-fueled combat that tests your skill and timing. On top of that, the game looks sublime in action.

Stellar Blade

Release date: 26 April 2024 (PS5)

Stellar Blade is a fast, stylish, and slick action-adventure game developed by Shift Up and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, following a character named Eve who is tasked with fighting the NA:Tives, an alien race who has taken over Earth and forced humanity to flee. Running on the Unreal Engine 4 with some fantastic art direction, Stellar Blade looks gorgeous.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Remake

Release date: 2024 (Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | PC)

One of the most beloved Metal Gear Solid entries is gettings its remake this year with Snake Eater getting a ground-up rebuild from Konami themselves. Like the original, the remake is set in 1964 and follows a FOX operative codenamed Naked Snake (who becomes Big Boss) who has to infiltrate a secret base hidden deep in a Soviet jungle. The remake will feature modernised gameplay mechanics and current-gen visuals using Unreal Engine 5, but will utilise the original (and admittedly great) voice acting.

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