Where to Find the Best Deal on Xbox Series X & Series S in South Africa

Xbox Series X Xbox Series S

Here’s how to get your hands on the Xbox Series X & XBox Series S in South Africa, without breaking the bank.

With only a matter of days to go before the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S land in South Africa, many gamers are scouring to find the best and most affordable way to get their hands on the highly anticipated next generation gaming console. While the state-of-art console is sure to bring you endless fun for years to come, the price tag is nothing to sneeze at. For many people, even the price of the less expensive Xbox Series S console is enough to make you sweat. Luckily, we’ve found a way for South African gamers to get their hands on the new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S in South Africa without having to blow an entire month’s rent in one go. The answer — rent to own with Rentoza.

With its affordable subscription model, Rentoza makes it even more manageable for South African consumers to buy the electronics they want and need. Whether it’s a gaming console, smartphone, hair styling tools, or even essential home appliances, Rentoza’s unique ‘subscription’ model offers South Africans the opportunity to rent-to-own electronics with more manageable monthly payments.

The best deal on the Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S in South Africa

Currently, Rentoza is offering South Africans a subscription price of R2,730 per month for 6 months or R1,599 per month for 12 months on the Xbox Series X console and a price of R1,620 per month for 6 months or R950 per month for 12 months on the Xbox Series S console. That’s a lot easier to swallow than spending almost R12,000 in one foul swoop! What’s more, all products and subscriptions include comprehensive insurance cover from Old Mutual so you don’t need to worry about having to continue paying off the item should it be stolen or damaged.

The rent-to-own option on the console comes into play at the end of your subscription period. After your subscription expires, you have the option to keep the item with no additional payments, or you can return your item and upgrade to another appliance or more recent model – the choice is yours. If you choose to return your device and upgrade your product, Rentoza will trade in your device and the cost of your next subscription will be discounted.

Why choose a subscription model?

In addition to making appliances and tech gadgets more accessible to consumers, the subscription model offered by Rentoza also offers South African consumers peace of mind knowing they won’t get themselves into a debt-spiral trying to pay off items at high-interest rates.

“Consumers simply pay an affordable monthly rate, and should they miss a payment, they won’t be blacklisted but the service or product will be revoked, explains Mishaan Ratan, co-founder of Rentoza. “Essentially, the subscription model is one of trust. In our business, there aren’t many who default on their payments because it is what they can afford.”

Beyond gaming

But it’s not just gaming consoles you can get your hands on. Rentoza offers a wide selection of appliances and electronics on the same subscription model. Choose from items like smartphones and laptops to vacuum cleaners, TVs, washing mores, and even fridges. Items currently listed on the Rentoza website include covetable electronics like the Huawei P40 Lite, Hisense ULED smart TVs, Apple MacBook laptops, and even the DJI Mavic Air drone (from R 2,391.07 p/m).

Using Rentoza is simple and easy. You search the Rentoza website for the latest devices and appliances from leading global brands. Once you’ve found an item you want, you choose between a 6 and 12-month subscription term for the selected product, and then activate your subscription by capturing your debit or credit card details for their first monthly payment via Rentoza’s secure gateway. The product is then delivered to your door within 72 hours at no extra cost. Going forward, you are billed automatically on the same day you activated your subscription every month.

To become a subscriber and get your hands on the new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles in South Africa visit the Rentoza website.

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