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Silent PC Peripherals the Key to Reach Nirvana? We Review the Logitech MK295 Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Does your mouse and keyboard combo need an upgrade? We review Logitech’s MK295 Mouse & Keyboard Combo.

Jeremy Proome



Buying a new mouse and keyboard might seem like an unnecessary endeavour for some, especially if you already have a trusty letter-slapper and clicker by your side. But let’s be honest, working on more efficient and comfortable tools is paramount these days, and furthermore, you never know how much better good peripherals are until you give them a go.

While most tech brands are going for louder, more mechanical clicks and bigger, bolder designs, Logitech’s key line is utilising a more subtle approach with its MK295 combo, which features a mouse and keyboard in one convenient package. Not only does this make the process of hunting down new office or home PC goodies easier, but cheaper too.

And when we say a subtle approach, we mean it in the best of ways. The MK295 keyboard and mouse include Logitech’s ‘Silent Touch’ feature, which, as the name would suggest, make punching the keys and clicking the mouse almost inaudible. Switching over from a tactile gaming keyboard and notably ‘clicky’ mouse to the MK295 was like having a getaway at a tranquil spa in the countryside – quiet and peaceful in an almost zen-like experience.

You don’t really notice how loud other PC accessories are until you switch over to Logitech’s Silent Touch products, and the MK295 has given us a new appreciation for the subtlety that has gone into the mechanical design of the keys and buttons. Furthermore, the keyboard itself is incredibly comfortable. While it is a little longer than some other Bluetooth keyboards, the spacing and soft coating makes typing for long periods seem like a relaxing experience, rather than a war between your digits and the keyboard itself.

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The mouse shares the same design philosophy too, with a simple layout (with the traditional two buttons and a scrolling wheel), but with a smaller, more ergonomic build, allowing you to get a good grip on the mouse with no shuffling around of your palm to find the right resting-position. The MK295 is notably smaller than some other mouses on the market, and might take a little getting used to for those more familiar with bigger accessories, but the efficiency in its size and lack of noise is a no-brainer trade-off.

Another bonus is that the MK295 features one singular USB dongle for both the mouse and keyboard, which is a huge plus for those who tend to find their USB ports taken up by the millions of chargers and Bluetooth devices we have connected these days.

While many look to their office or home chairs or desks to improve their quality of use and comfortability, having the right keyboard and mouse goes a long way too. Whether you’re looking for a new primary set or want a quieter secondary set to compliment your gaming gear, the Logitech MK295 combo is an awesome and cost-efficient way to take your PC usage up a notch… quietly.

The Logitech MK295 is priced at R799, and is available at Incredible Connection and Computer Mania. Find out more about the product on Logitech’s official website.

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