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EcoFlow Launches 3 New Portable Power Stations in SA: Pricing Revealed

EcoFlow introduces the Delta 2, River 2, and River 2 Max to South Africa.




Tech company EcoFlow has launched three new portable power stations to help South Africans beat load shedding: the EcoFlow Delta 2, River 2, and River 2 Max.

The Delta 2 is a robust and powerful energy solution that gives consumers the ability to do a lot more than keep the lights on during load shedding.

Equipped with high-capacity batteries, the Delta 2 packs a massive capacity of 1024Wh, perfect for power outages, outdoor adventures, and professional work. At home, it keeps your 150W fridge going for 7-10 hours, 110W television running for up to 8 hours, and your lights on for well over a day and a half. Moreover, you can easily extend the run time by plugging in an extra battery and expanding the capacity to 2-3kWh.

EcoFlow River 2 Max

With four AC outlets (total output of 1800W, pure sine wave outlets), the Delta 2 lets you power up to 13 devices at once to meet your family’s power needs.

The EcoFlow Delta 2, River 2, and River 2 Max all come with LiFePO4 batteries, which have a lifespan of 3000 charges before reaching 80% capacity, allowing for roughly a decade of everyday use. With LFP cells, they are safe, durable, and highly efficient, even in warm temperatures.

All three new EcoFlow portable power stations use the innovative new X-Stream charging technology. It allows the Delta 2 to charge from zero to 80% in 50 minutes and to full in 80 minutes when plugged into a regular wall socket. For the River 2 and River 2 Max, it only takes one hour to recharge fully. If you are nowhere near a wall socket, EcoFlow products can be recharged by a 12V/24V car adapter. Pair with EcoFlow Solar Panels, the Delta 2 and River 2 can be fully charged up within three hours.

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Pricing and Availability

EcoFlow’s Delta 2 and River 2 Series ranges are available for purchase from authorised dealers across South Africa and directly from the official EcoFlow website.

The recommended retail price:

EcoFlow Delta 2 – R24,999
EcoFlow River 2 – R6,999
EcoFlow River 2 Max – R12,999

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