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Big Student Discounts on all Huawei Smart Products

Huawei introduces some tantilising deals for students this season.




With any new year, students are always looking for an update or upgrade on their educational needs, and with it being 2022, a decent laptop and tech fall under those requirements.

If you have an unlimited budget, shopping around can be fun. But, the reality is, most need to keep cost in mind while getting their hands on the most versatile and quality options out there.

With the exorbitant cost being a huge hindrance to many, Huawei has introduced its Huawei student deals to help you get some serious bang for your buck ahead of the busy education-packed period.

Huawei MatePad Pro

Having a tablet can be incredibly handy in the school or university setting, whereby portability and ease-of-use are paramount, and if it can sync with your laptop seamless, then all the better. The Huawei MatePad Pro is a fantastic option, with a 90:1 ratio of its body and screen size, you get some serious real estate to work on, along with pencil support, and Huawei’s unique chipset, the Kirin 990 hardware.

And best of all, you can buy MatePad Pro for just £499.99 or $688.02 (around R10,300). However, if you buy the product during the back-to-school promotion, you can score an even bigger discount of £150 of $206.41 (around R3,100).

Huawei Matebook 13 AMD

Of course, the essential must-have for students and staff is a good laptop. To get the most out of your laptop, you need to match your specific needs and preferences. Also, if you are not sure which laptop to buy, but looking for something that is flexible and powerful, you should look at the Huawei Matebook 13 AMD. First of all, thanks to the AMD Ryzen processor, you can expect faster loading and boot-up times, and its beautifully minimalist design comes with a full 13-inch screen display. It is very much like the Matebook 13, but carries a really solid price of £789.89 or $ 1,089 (around R16,300). However, the Back to School event prices the laptop at £599.99 or about $826 (R12,300).

Huawei Watch GT2

Huawei Watch GT2 is one of the most beloved mid-range smartwatches on the market. They’re packed with some great features, but of course, their beautiful design makes them a great choice for everyday wear too. The GT2 battery also lasts up to 14 days, giving you a lot of use-time with your watch. The Watch GT 2 includes a greater focus on fitness and health-tracking features, with GPS for sports tracking, support for 8 outdoor workouts(running, walking, climbing, hiking, trail running, cycling, open water, triathlon), and 7 different indoor workouts (walking, running, cycling, swimming pool, free training, elliptical machine, rowing machine). The GT2 is priced at $275.20 and just £199.99 (around R4,100), but the Huawei Back to School promotion sees a discount of £99.99, or about $138 (around R2,000).

If you would like to use the student discount, Huawei Back to School Promotion gives you access to Huawei’s official store.

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