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Anti-Eye Fatigue Smartphone Heading to South Africa: Here’s What You Need to Know

TCL’s incoming smartphone brings some new tech to help those who suffer headaches and eye-fatigue.

Jeremy Proome



While smartphone manufacturers have been adding eye-easing functionality into their OS and displays, allowing the device to dim the screen or add a ‘read only’ mode which minimises blue light. However, a new phone is on the horizon that prioritises eradicating eye fatigue as much as possible.

The TCL 40 NxtPaper is a new smartphone that essentially embraces the display look and feel seen on Kindles, using an “electronic paper display”, but it doesn’t use the e-ink technology like an e-reader.

TCL has developed a full-colour display that emits 60% less blue light than a traditional phone at a hardware level, meaning that users with sensitivity to blue light don’t have to turn the screen to an unpleasant shade of yellow to get the same benefits.

Additionally, the screen is also fully matt, reducing reflections by up to 90% and saving your eyes from that shimmery glare, along with reducing fingerprints and reflections from the sun.

The TCL 40 NxtPaper’s matt screen offers three viewing modes:

  • Full-colour mode — looks like a normal phone screen.
  • Nxtpaper colour mode — a dampened version that removes backgrounds and mutes colour tones, like a coloured e-ink display.
  • Nxtpaper ink mode — a black-and-white dampened version that looks like a traditional e-ink display.

You can easily toggle between modes using the main swipe-down menu

It’s important to note that this isn’t a dumbed-down smartphone, and is a fully-fledged Android device perfectly capable of running all the apps, including messaging apps like WhatsApp and Gmail, audio apps like Spotify, mapping and navigation apps.

It features a 6.78-inch IPS LCD display, a Mediatek MT6769H Helio G88 chipset, 8GBs of RAM, 256GBs of storage, a triple camera set-up (50 MP wide, 5MP ultra-wide, and a 2MP macro), along with NFC, a side-finger print sensor, and other bells and whistles.

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TCL also confirmed to MenStuff that the TCL 40 Nxtpaper is coming to South Africa with a launch planned for July 2024.

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