Sexy Socks Bring Some Snazzy Style To Your Feet

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Don’t be afraid, it’s time to flair those lower limbs.

While 50 Shades of Grey may be your girlfriend’s favourite movie, don’t let it be the description of your fashion style. Thankfully, a new South African sock company is bringing a serious splash of colour to your feet and ankles to help you add some flair to the workplace and social arena.

Sexy Socks is a Cape Town-based start-up that is bringing stretchy, fitted, eco-friendly, and of course, sexy, socks for the lads (and lasses) around SA. If that wasn’t enough of a good deed already, the company shares a social mission where they provide free school socks for every pair sold. A-sock-for-a-sock, if you will.

As for Sexy Socks’ range itself, they’re bamboo, which means they’re anti-bacterial, anti-odour and soft as a soccer player’s face. The brand features some pretty wild and interesting designs and colours, and we can’t take our eyes off of them. Everything from Where’s Wally-inspired feet huggers to moustache-laden foot holsters are available, and priced less than a meal out these days.

R99 gets you a single pair, with three and five packs available at R285 and R450 respectively.

Check out the Sexy Socks online store and jazz up those meat pins.

Sexy Socks Sa

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