South Africa Named World’s Cheapest Country To Travel Around

Cape Town

GoEuro places South Africa at number one on the list of the cheapest countries to travel around.

Where is the cheapest place to travel around? Apparently South Africa, according to a new study which looked at the transportation costs of air, bus, train, ferry, and car rental options.

GoEuro’s study analysed data on trains, buses and flights in 51 countries across 5 continents as well as the costs of each mode of transport.

The studyvfactored in distance, schedule, and taxes, along with regional travel and inter-city travel, which helped level the playing-field and not penalising small countries for being small, or big countries for being big.

South Africa proved to be the most cost efficient, ranking no. 1 across all modes of transport (go us!).

The rankings also included the cheapest countries in air, train, and bus travel. India came out cheapest for flights at $10.36 (R110.38); South Africa cheapest for trains at $1.88 (R20.03); and Egypt cheapest for buses at $1.88 (R20.03).

10.36 US Dollar to South African Rand (at time of publication).
Transport Price Index Rating

Transport Price Index Rating


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