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Galaxy & Co. Launches New Men’s Collection

Check out the latest Galaxy & Co. range dedicated to the guys.




Jewellery brand Galaxy & Co. has launched a new men’s collection of neckwear, earrings, wristwear, and rings for the season, giving men a little extra attention this season.

The items are a combination of classic style and more ‘out there’ pieces, giving men something simple or elegant, depending on their own personal look.

You can check out some of the pieces below:

Huggies with square charm: R199 (SKU 36542352)
Black oval center signet ring: R249 (SKU 36542349)
Ribbed black edge ring with baguette stone detail: R199 (SKU 36542342)
Holographic double strip ring: R199 (SKU 36542341)
Electric blue ring: R199 (SKU 36542345)
Oval chain with smiley pendant: R299 (SKU 36542299)
Silver triangle arrow earrings: R149 (SKU 36542355)
Silver ring with black square texture detail: R149 (SKU 36542336)

You can check out the collection on Galaxy & Co.’s website.

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