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WATCH: Terrifying Moment Monster Great White Shark Attacks Diver

A new Shark Week film brings man a little too close to the ocean’s most terrifying predator.




One of the most chilling shark encounters has been captured on film, where a diver dodged a date with death after a Great White shark attacked his observation box in the Pacific Ocean.

In the bone-chilling Shark Week promo for Discovery Channel, the video shows expert diver Jimi Partington inside a plexiglass box used for monitoring shark behaviour.

After the shark bumps the box a few times in an attempt to work out what it is, the shark then dives deeper and attacks from below, attempting to bite Partington and smashing right through the box in the process.

The footage is part of a new film, Great White Open Ocean, produced by Jeff Kurr for Discovery’s Shark Week.

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