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Mass Effect 3 drops in SA today

Take Earth back.

Arguably the greatest trilogy in gaming’s history is coming to an epic conclusion with Mass Effect 3, which hits store shelves tomorrow across South Africa.

The third installment in the colossal sci-fi series sees Commander Shepherd having to fight for Earth itself when the Reapers, a race of ancient planet-destroying aliens, arrive to wipe out humanity.

New gameplay mechanics will allow players to engage in visceral close-combat melee attacks, as well as refined elements to the already solid third-person shooting.

Every choice and decision you have made throughout the previous games will have dire effects in the final battle, but newcomers can also experience ME3 in all it’s glory from the get-go.

Mass Effect 3 is set to entail a harrowing conclusion to the series and will undoubtedly feature some intense twists and turns along the way.

Take Earth back.


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