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God of War 4 Teaser Leaked?

Has a teaser trailer for Kratos’ fourth PS3 adventure slipped out?

Could everyone’s uber-moody, bald-headed mythological murderer is looking like he’s making a return sooner than we thought?

Well, it looks as if a pretty-legit looking teaser trailer for God of War 4 has been leaked.┬áThe footage, embedded above, is shot off-camera and features a voice-over which states as follows: “Brother, the phoenix has been drinking your blood, full of your anger, your strength, and during her rebirth she also has let you in life. Now I ask you: what are you going to do? Would you leave me here in hell? Wake up, wake up!”

More rumors of Kratos’ return originally surfaced when pre-order listings for the follow-up to 2010’s God of War 3 began appearing on Amazon France and a few other outlets.

The authenticity of the trailer is still questionable, but with all these non-coincedental rumors and leaks, it seems pretty safe to say that the God of War will return to Playstation 3.

Sony haven’t remarked, but the upcoming E3 Expo would be a better time than ever. So we’ll have to wait and see.

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