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FIFA 12 gets Euro 2012 expansion pack

Europe’s premier international tournament comes as a DLC package for EA’s football series.

UEFA EURO 2012 was announced by Electronic Arts and will be an expansion pack – also knows as a DLC (Downloadable Content) – to FIFA 12. This means that you must have FIFA 12 in order to be able to play the game. The game will be released on April 24th, worldwide.

UEFA EURO 2012 will be available as an expansion pack to FIFA 12 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

EA Producer Sebastian Enrique says:

“This game will tap into the passion fans have for their national teams by capturing all of the national rivalries in-game, and re-creating all the emotion of the UEFA EURO 2012™ tournament. We are utilizing the best-playing FIFA videogame ever, driving live, digital content created from the biggest headlines from the tournament into the game, and offering an exclusive new mode that will challenge gamers in unique and compelling ways.”

The game will be run on the same engine as FIFA 12, so there won’t be too many major changes to the game.

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