London Wasps Harlem Shake

The Wasps Harlem Shake

Check out the London Wasps’ rendition of the Harlem Shake

The London Wasps decided to get their fair share of the on-going Harlem Shake action.

The concept of the Harlem Shake meme includes a video of people going about their usual activities, with one person (usually masked or helmeted) dancing. After the bass and beat kicks in, the video is cut and everybody in the scene is dancing in a strange or over-the-top manner.

The Premiership side’s Harlem Shake obviously features the club’s trademark Wasp mascot, along some of the key players, as they begin with a simple workout in the team gym.

Keep your eye out for a jedi, a motorbike and one of the players wearing a keffiyeh.

The Crusaders have also put their own Harlem Shake video together.

Check out the London Wasps’ Harlem Shake below:

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