Joburg Men Can Get A Free Uber Ride To Sorbet Man This Month

Sorbet and Uber Short Cut Experience header

Get yourself to your spiffy haircut appointment in style…

Need a quick lunchtime groom but struggling with a car? Or perhaps you just want to live it up like Bruce Wayne and be driven to your grooming appointment via limo? Well, you won’t get the limo, but Sorbet Man and Uber have teamed up this March to provide a gentleman’s grooming package.

The campaign sees free Uber trips being offered to those who book the Short Cut Experience at Sorbet Man in Sandton City.

All you have to do is book your appointment, and Sorbet Man will SMS you the Uber code to punch into the transport app and boom: you’ve got a free lift coming your way. The special is valid until the end of March.

Sorbet Man, an offshoot of the Sorbet Group brand, launched in Sandton City in September last year, he snazzy new walk-in store offers haircuts, shampoos, and hot towel shaves, along with waxing, manicures, and pedicures, if you’d really like to get all your man-bits in order.


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