Black & White Micky Mouse LEGO Set Coming to SA – Here’s How Much it Costs

Lego and Disney team up for Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday!

It seems difficult to believe but everyone’s favourite cartoon rodent, perhaps the Godfather of popularised cartoons in general, has reached a serious milestone: his 90th birthday. To honour this special occasion, Disney is teaming up with another childhood favourite, Lego, to release a commemorative set to pay tribute to Mr. Mouse himself.

Mickey Mouse’s first cartoon outing was in 1928 (yeah, you read that correctly) with the release of a cartoon named ‘Steamboat Willie’ – and that same cartoon served as the inspiration for the Lego Ideas set that goes by the same name.

Lego is generally known for producing sets bursting with colour, but in keeping with Mickey Mouse’s traditional black-and-white beginnings, this entire set follows suit with its monochromatic design, and makes it stand out from the majority of Lego’s sets quite starkly.

So for die-hard Mickey Mouse and Disney fans, this would be a great Lego set to pick up since it’s unlikely to come around again any time soon!

The set goes on sale for R1,399 and can be found at the Lego stores around the country and online.

And in case you wanted to check it out, this is the cartoon that started it all:

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