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The New iPad – What’s behind the glass?

The third iteration of Apple’s iPad is coming, but what is it coming with?

After a lot of rumors, it was only a matter of time before Apple showcased their inevitable reveal of the new iPad.

So let’s get down to it; the iPad 3, simply named ‘the new iPad’, will feature a Retina display, meaning four times the pixels of the original iPad and iPad 2.  The higher resolution does not mean more pixels packed into the same space but higher-definition pixels composed of four subpixels; that density approaches what the human eye sees as a continuous tone. The new iPad also gains the same 5-megapixel rear camera as on the iPhone 4S, which can shoot HD video.

Given the higher resolution, the new iPad  contains a faster Apple A5X CPU with a quad-core graphics engine, which should compensate for the greater density screen.

Also as widely expected, the new iPad adds LTE 4G radio technology. The architecture of some 4G networks around the world are still being built, but the capabilities will undoubtedly be used when available.

What the new iPad does not have, despite persistent rumors, is the Siri personal assistant technology that debuted in the iPhone 4S. Instead, it gains voice dictation capabilities throughout the OS, much like Android.

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