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Microsoft cuts touch-screen lag to 1 millisecond

Microsoft touch-screen response is 100 times faster.

It’s evident that a lot of touch-screens out on the market feature a certain degree of lag in the time between your touches and the screen’s outputs. Fact of the matter is that most panels or screens have a 100 millisecond delay. While this may not hamper simple functions and usage, if one is say drawing an image or doodling quickly, the lag becomes increasingly noticable.

The smart folks over at Microsoft Research have figured out how to drop the lag speed down to a measly 1 millisecond. So essentially, that’s 100 times faster response-time than current touch technology. Now this tech may not appear in a product any time soon, but it’s a great demonstration and ┬ácontrast of where we are, and where we will be.


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