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Is Graphene About to Revolutionise Running Footwear?

Flexibility and strength reimagined.

The simple answer to the headline is: yes. But, we’re going to need to dive a little deeper to understand exactly why that’s the case.

Firstly, we’ve got to understand what graphene is. The Google definition contains all kinds of scientific jargon that boils down to the following: a carbon-based material with a number of applications due not only to the material’s flexibility, but also its strength. The claims are that it’s stronger than steel, which might be sales-talk hyping it up, but the consensus seems to be that it is exceptionally strong considering it’s a razor-thin density.

The University of Manchester, in tandem with British sportswear brand inov-8, have been working on incorporating graphene into running shoes for some time, and they’ll finally be hitting shelves in 2018. Check out how they work below:

Their lab tests indicate that their graphene soles will be significantly stronger, lighter and more durable that the general product offered by competing brands. The biggest benefit for individual runners being that they won’t be required to replace their running shoes so often, and they biggest environmental benefit being that as many old pairs of used up shoes might not be dumped into landfalls.

It seems like this is just the tip of the iceberg for graphene, with a lot of promising applications seemingly on the verge of hitting the consumer market soon.

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