How well did Hungry Lion’s WeChat campaign work?

Hungry Lion’s campaign of handing out free meals after customers redeemed WeChat codes seems to have done the brand a world of good.

For those who may have missed it, Hungry Lion has been running a campaign through messaging service, WeChat, which allowed users to receive a random Hungry Lion voucher to redeem for a free meal or item once the brand had been added as a contact. Well, the campaign generated some serious buzz for the food chain, but how well did it really work?

Extremely well, apparently. I even got a first-hand experience at the business and excitement surrounding Hungry Lion’s unique campaign, as some mates and myself were lucky enough to score a decent-sized chicken meal which we collected from the busy branch in the Cape Town CBD.

And it looks like the numbers are a fair reflection of the hustle and bustle in the stores, as a new report has shed some light on the success of Hungry Lion’s customer drive.

Hungry Lion meal

Hungry Lion meals after redeeming the codes on WeChat.

“We achieved the 37% increase in engagement in the first three weeks of our campaign and the level of redemption on vouchers via digital channels has been way above industry benchmarks,” said Tashalene Reid, Marketing Manager at Hungry Lion.

Reid explains that this particular campaign is a first for South Africa in terms of utilising these various touchpoints and in terms of integration, we have seen over 700,000 digital WiCodes already being issued within the first four weeks.

“It has included pushing social media limits and digital interaction via mobile devices to include WeChat, VoucherCloud and Mxit as a mechanic for our market, providing a perfect platform for live interaction for all of South Africa and enabling both feature and smartphone users the opportunity to participate,” she adds.

According to SocialBaker’s latest social media report, the Hungry Lion brand has seen a 155% increase in engagement on their social channels alone, overtaking Nike Sportswear.

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