Watch Tony Hawk Land His Last-Ever 900 at 48-Years-Old

Seventeen years ago this week, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk spun around in the air two-and-a-half times, becoming the first person ever to perform a documented 900. Now, he’s done it again–at age 48.

“It was the apex of my competitive career,” Hawk says in the video below about performing the trick at the 1999 X-Games in San Francisco. “I’m going to try a 900 today, because I feel like I can. I never thought I’d be doing this at my age, when I was young.”

As you see in the video, it didn’t come easy for Hawk. He falls multiple times, including one particularly hard-to-watch wipeout starting at 1:10 where his head slams onto the pipe. Hawk is visibly sweating and appears frustrated. But he doesn’t give up and eventually lands the trick, possibly for the last time.

At the end of the video, Hawk embraces his son, Spencer, saying, “Spencer was there on my first [900] and now he was at my last.”

We salute you, Tony.

Also check out the moment he did his first-ever 900:

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