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Watch All 7 of Manchester City’s Goals Against Stoke [Video]

Stoke Manchester City

Stunning City put a huge dent in the scoreline against Stoke.

Manchester City’s attacking repertoire has been threatening a massive scoreline since the season began, but despite winning games by high margins, their previous victories were tame compared to their efforts on Saturday against Stoke.

Stoke generally manage to give a good account of themselves and keep their opponents honest, and they’ve developed a reputation as a team that can give the top six sides a run for their money. The exact opposite happened on Saturday though, as City’s attack worked themselves up into their full momentum from as early as the 17th minute when Gabriel Jesus scored the opener. They would score another two before Stoke managed to pull one back at the end of the first half, but it wouldn’t end up mattering much. City came out even more lethal in the second half, where their fast-paced, two-touch football continued and the scored another four during the second half, with the score at full time at 7-2 to City.

This is what a team is capable of when Pep Guardiola’s style is working to its full potential, and it should send a signal to their fellow Premier League clubs, but also the rest of Europe’s elite, too. What was the best part of the game: Kevin De Bruyne’s amazing assists or Fernandinho’s 27m missile? Let us know!

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