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Ronaldinho’s Hilariously Cheeky Goal Disallowed [Video]

Brazil’s football hero makes a mockery of the keeper in a Mexican league final.

Ronaldinho is no stranger to scoring some pretty bizarre and cheeky goals in his career, and the former Brazil international caused a stir when he tried dispossessing a goalkeeper to find the net in the Liga MX final on Sunday.

The former Barcelona and AC Milan hero was standing alongside Santos goalkeeper Agustin Marchesin, and when the Argentine dropped the ball towards his boot, Ronaldinho flicked the ball to himself – and slotted into the empty goal.

The goal was disallowed given Marchesin was in possession, and Ronaldinho – who had only come on as a 60th-minute substitute – was given a yellow card, but we have a lot of time for good ole Ronaldinho.

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