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Puma One Boots Review — Return of the King?

Are Puma’s new hybrid boots something to tackle or sidestep?

While Puma has been making a clear distinction between their EvoSpeed and EvoTouch boot ranges (for the quick and control-minded players, respectively), the German sports brand veterans have now introduced the Puma 1 – hybrid of the two ranges that will replace the EvoSpeed and EvoTouch with one, all purpose boot.

It’s a bold decision by Puma, but one that has resulted in something greater than the sum of its parts, but which also leaves players in the speed and/or control camps a little torn. The Puma Ones are built for the player that wants great comfort and an intuitive touch in a light, fast package – something to cover the needs of all players in one boot, rather than having two different silos.

Straight out of the box, you’ll find the Puma One to have a great fit, and its largely due to the soft leather upper and evoKnit sock, which has the perfect elasticity to it and a good height up the ankle. The leather forefoot replaces the synthetic uppers on previous boots, giving a plush, old-school cushiony feel on the ball and foot. It’s as if Puma went for a mesh of old and new-school, combining the look and feel of leather boots from yesteryear with the tech of today’s era, and the result is pleasing.

As for sizing, the Puma Ones are a little wider than the size of the EvoTouch, EvoPower, and recent Vigor 1. There is a fair amount of room in the toe box and players with narrower feet might need to lace up a little more in order to achieve that skin-tight feel. But it’s all about comfort with Puma, and the more robust construction of the boot definitely achieves that.

The stud layout is Puma’s familiar combination of conical and blades, however, a new feature is the reversed ‘V’ in the centre of the forefoot. This provides a hint more of control and braking ability for players who make use of turns and stops, rather than those looking for an out-and-out, aggressive speed configuration.

The general fit of the Puma Ones is incredibly soft, but while the EvoKnit collar does help make wearing the boots feel sock-like, the leather does stretch slightly after a fair bit of playing. This isn’t uncommon with leather boots though, but for those looking for some serious lockdown, the Puma Ones do leave a little to be desired. That’s of course a personal preference, as some players will love the feel and mobility they have inside the boot for a finer touch on the ball.

Puma One

If you’re looking for comfort, a bit of speed, and that elegant touch reminiscent of the Puma King days, the Puma One is a brilliant boot. Fans of the EvoPower and EvoSpeed may feel a little out of sorts here, but if you’re willing to give the Puma One a try for the new season, you’ll find the spirit of both those boots still lives on here.

Puma One boots are available in Puma Stores and selected retailers for R3,499.

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