Everything You Need to Know About Pranav Dhanawade’s 1000-run World Record

Pranav Dhanawade india cricket

We take a closer-look at the young Indian schoolboy’s historic innings.

The world is in awe at a Mumbai schoolboy who has become the first cricketer to score 1000 runs in a match, shattering the earlier record set in 1899. But who exactly is the talented youngster behind the amazing feat?

1) Pranav Dhanawade is a 15-year-old school cricketer who plays for KC Gandhi English High School, Kalyan, near Mumbai. He is the son of an auto-rickshaw driver.

2) Pranav scored 1009 runs not out against Arya Gurukul, Kalyan, in a school match during the U-16 HT Bhandari Trophy Inter-School Cricket Tournament. This is the highest individual score at any competitive level of the game. Only one other person has scored a sextuple century—Arthur Collins.

3) Pranav also set new records for most fours (129), sixes (59) and runs (1009) for a batsman in any form of cricket. He also had back-to-back partnerships of over 500 runs, an unprecedented feat.

4) On Day 1 of the game, Arya Gurukul were bowled out for just 31 in 20 overs. In response, Gandhi English High raced to 956-1 by the end of the day. Pranav, with 78 fours and 30 sixes, had moved to a world record 652 not out. His team-mates Akash Singh (173) and Siddhesh Patil (100) also cashed in.

Pranav Dhanawade cricket

5) On day 2, Pranav continued batting at an astonishing pace, becoming the first cricketer ever to score a septuple hundred, an octuplet century, a nonuple century, and finally a decuple century. At lunch, he was batting on 921 off 294 balls. Within an hour after the break, he became the first human to pass the four-figure barrier, off just 323 balls. He hit 59 sixes and 129 fours in all.

6) Gandhi English High declared with their score on 1465, making it the first instance of a cricket team tallying more than 1200 runs in an innings. The earlier record (and still the First Class record) was with Victoria, who had made 1107 against New South Wales way back in 1926.

7) Pranav broke the record set by a 13-year-old Arthur Collins, who had scored 628 runs in a match for Clarke’s House against North Town House way back in 1899. For long, this record was considered unbreakable. Pranav is now also the

8) In 1899, 13-year-old Arthur Edward Jeune Collins became a British celebrity when he made 628 runs in an innings in a school game for Clarke’s House against North Town House. The timeless match was played in Bristol in a smallish ground. Collins was dropped on 80, 100, 140, 556 and 612. The innings started on June 22. He remained unbeaten when the team was bowled out for 836 on June 26.

9) Among junior cricketers, Prithvi Shaw had scored 546 in a Harris Shield game in 2013. In 1933, DR Havewalla had scored 515 in a league game. In 1956, Chamanlal had scored 502* in a college game. There are 10 other scores of 400 or more in junior cricket, two of them from Armaan Jaffer (498 and 473). The Indian First Class record belongs to BB Nimbalkar, who scored an unbeaten 443 in the Ranji Trophy in 1948 for Maharashtra against Kathiawar.


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