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Carlin Isles Endures One of the Most Embarrassing Moments in Rugby [Video]

It’s like watching a car-crash.

We’ve seen some unbelievable botched tries in our time, but Carlin Isles’ recent snafu at the Cape Town leg of the World Sevens Series has to be one of the best/worst, depending on your perspective.

The USA speedster had been tearing apart defences throughout the weekend, and during the game against Spain, Isles used his breathtaking pace to outstrip the Spanish side, before opening up towards the tryline.

With no one chasing, Isles seemed to lose concentration and somehow just dropped the ball.

Cringey, but we still love seeing you in full flight, Carlin.

If you want to see more bombed tries, check out our list of the worst butchered tries of all time.

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