Solo Pleasure Tips For Single Guys

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Show yourself some additional love with these simple tips.

Over 50 % of men in South Africa are single, according to Statistics South Africa, and these single guys need to learn how to enhance sensual pleasure while they’re alone. More than half of all guys, all over the world, think about sex multiple times per day. Guys need release, but many find that doing the same solo stuff every time gets monotonous. To change it up, guys can explore their own sensuality when they don’t have partners. If you’re single (or find that you have a lot of downtime away from your partner), learning how to boost your own pleasure during your solo time will a great way to connect with your own sexuality, soothe stress, and forget about your problems for a while.

Treat yourself to a sex toy

In our busy world, solo time often passes in what feels like the blink of an eye. We tend to think of solo sex toys as being for women, but the increasing range and availability of fleshlights changes that, and more people than ever before now feel comfortable exploring the market. When you get your own sex toy, you’ll access an accessory that allows you to climax in no time flat. Of course, if you have more solo time, you can drag the process out a bit by getting close to a climax, stopping (or slowing down) and starting again. This can lead to explosive climaxes. The right sex toy will get rave reviews, be well-made and be available for a good price.

Learn the sensual art of self-massage

Touch is important, but romantic partners aren’t always there to provide it. Luckily, mastering simple and basic self-massage techniques is easy. When you learn how to massage yourself, you’ll enter a relaxed state that makes it easier to fantasise during solo sex. To begin, think about your body. Which body parts are sore and/or tense? These are the body parts that you should knead during self-massage. You may also try massaging those areas using the pressure of your thumbs. Begin with the gentlest pressure, and then build up to stronger pressure. Self-massage should feel great, rather than painful, so don’t go overboard when it comes to applying pressure.

Find the hot videos that suit your tastes

Streaming videos should be smoking hot. You probably already know that you have lots of choices when it comes to this type of adult entertainment. Instead of accessing the usual types of videos from the usual websites, why not think about your own kinks and find videos that are very niche? For example, if you love steampunk, look for videos where steampunk clothing is worn before that clothing is taken off. When you choose niche videos that truly suit your tastes, you’ll find that the videos make it easier to get satisfaction during solo sex.

You deserve to feel great when you’re single. Part of that is learning how to please yourself while you’re at home alone, or away on business. A great sex toy, some simple self-massage techniques and niche videos that suit your own sensual tastes will help you to get more pleasure in your life. Don’t be afraid to branch out in order to hit the heights during solo time. You’ll love the way following these tips makes you feel.

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