iPhone 5C is a “bad buy”

The iPhone 5C’s limited 8GB storage space of will cause headaches for users.

Apple’s new “low-cost” iPhone model is failing to find a place in the competitive tier of the smartphone market due to its limited storage space.

TechRadar’s Gary Marshall expressed his feelings on the awkward little 8GB brother of the flagship iPhone range.

“The latest iPhone 5C may be 10% cheaper, but it’s 90% less useful unless you intend to stream absolutely everything, or use it for absolutely nothing.”

Marshall explained that while you may save some money, you’re frustrations will more than make up for it.

“A slightly cheaper phone may seem like a good idea, but you’ll pay the money you saved again and again in time and tears.

“Unlike computers and rival firms’ devices, whose storage you can expand, if you buy a too-small iOS device there’s no way to fix your mistake. At a time when even 16GB feels awfully stingy, opting for an 8GB smartphone is a decision you’re likely to regret.”

If Marshall’s gripes haven’t put you off, the iPhone 5C is available from South African network outlets.



  1. James N - Y

    March 23, 2014 at 16:04

    Great article. I’ve been curious about the iPhone 5C for a while. So would you say it has the same power and problems say a Blackberry would have?

    • Jeremy Proome

      March 25, 2014 at 10:45

      The Blackberry batteries in the new range are a lot better, but its tough to tell how the 5C will last. I guess it’s dependent on the usage, and with such little space, you probably won’t be running too many apps.

  2. Brett Freeman

    April 1, 2014 at 18:48

    This phone makes absolutely no sense. The only reason you buy an iPhone is for the prestige. Having a 5C shows you haven’t quite made it!

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