Offshore vs Nearshore Development – What’s the Difference?


How close should your developer be to your business?

When on the lookout for a software of app-development company to handle your project, it’s important to consider their proximity to you or your business. Whether you’re in the market for a local company or an international one, various factors can be influenced by the decision, such as reliability, availability, price, and the frequency of communication.

Here are a few basic things to keep in mind before hiring a software development agency. There are a few different types of outsourcing, such as:

  1. Onshore software development: These development firms are located in the same country and might even be in your own city.
  2. Offshore software development: These development firms are located aboard.
  3. Nearshore software development: These are the development firms located in neighbouring countries.
  4. Hybrid development outsourcing: These are the projects with onshore management and offshore or nearshore software development teams.

Each of these approaches has its pros and cons. Mainly the onshore development firm offers the best quality services, with face-to-face meetings. These are considered a good fit for short-term projects with large budgets. Offshore development, on the other hand, benefits firms that have clearly defined projects and are looking for more of a cost-effective solution.

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